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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku

Turn around. The warning that went off in Straton’s head was right, he discovered almost immediately upon turning to find his fellow guard standing a few feet away, looking at him with mischief in his golden eyes and a wicked smile on his lips. He was on his best guard immediately, and with the Mawr Cattan’s provocative comments, it took all Straton had to ignore his instinct not to put all his focus on Ashfinger and move his gaze back to Reine.

“As attractive as some women find me,” Straton started icily in reply, “our jobs are to keep our eyes on the girl and be on the lookout for potential danger. You should be looking at the model, or at the door, not at me—unless I somehow pose a clear threat to the model.” It was clear that he wasn’t amused in the slightest. For Straton, this job was a punishment and the assignment he could fail under no circumstances, but nothing more.

He cast his own gaze to the Yuki-onna girl and cringed; she was wearing a snow white ball gown. The white tulle-covered skirt shimmered like her skin with swirls of silvery glitter, the close-fitting strapless top of the dress followed the skirt’s example. It was hard to tell where the dress began and Reine Gisela ended, to be honest—they were all the same blinding, shimmering white. This was the embodiment of everything he hated. Straton made a soft sound in the back of his throat and made to move away, tell Ash he was taking a quick break despite the fact he knew the shoot was nearly over, when commotion erupted outside the door. Straton heard shouting over the camera’s clicks. At the room’s back wall, the white wolf beside Davide had risen, and was most likely growling. “Ash,” he started, whole demeanor changing in a blink. He was already moving towards Reine, “Be ready for—“ Straton was cut off as the door exploded open.

As he continued moving towards Reine, he unzipped his jacket and reached into one of his many pockets, counting on Ash to do his job and cover them. “Davide, exit route!” he bellowed, pulling a small black box out of his jacket as he reached the model. As he reached out and propelled Reine forward, he gave a satisfactory smirk and tapped the button on the box’s side before flinging in down on the floor behind them. The box emitted a bright flash of light Straton looked away from as he pushed Reine towards the room’s other exit, just as they had planned for.

The worst had happened; they were under attack.

Aileena Crowfeather, Laura Blackwood, and Nora
Warlock, Vampire Hunter, and Werewolf; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: None right now

"...I'll call Kaylie in the morning, make sure she has someone keep an eye on her. The girl might not be a part of a pack, but that's no excuse to let her go about alone all the time. That's how you end up dead these days," Aileena sighed, looking down at the lanky figure curled up on one of her couches. She'd managed to heal the silver wounds as best she could, and the werewolf had since dozed off. Laura nodded grimly in reply, looking the girl over as well, wondering what her reaction would be. Judging from her actions earlier, she'd probably throw a colossal fit, not that it would bother Aileena much. She just hoped that pack leader's appearance didn't become a subject of discussion--about half the woman's face was as pretty as it used to be, the other half had been subject to some of the worst silver burns Laura had ever seen, but she still commanded her pack with pride and stern rules.

"Sounds like a good idea--I'd hate to find out someone else got her later on. She's young and full of fire, it would be a shame to see more kids with potential lost…” Laura shook her head and sighed. “Well, I need to get home, Aileena. You know how the family is.” This was met with a colossal roll of Aileena’s green eyes.

“More like how your boyfriend is. I don’t hear you ever getting called by Angelo or Wes, and it’s not them that send the maid or their brother to go check on you,” the warlock laughed, resting a hand on Laura’s shoulder gently. “But go home and be safe on the way there. I’ll keep an eye on werewolf girl and make sure she’s okay,” Aileena assured her as they walked to the door. As she watched Laura step out into the cold night air, smiling and thanking her for the favor one last time, she couldn’t help but laugh softly as she told her to get home.

When she shut the door, she found herself almost completely alone again, with the exception of Alois. Always with the exception of Alois.

Sighing again, Aileena clicked her tongue and raised a hand, inviting Alois to come to her before parking herself heavily in a large armchair with fluffy cushions. The werewolf girl would not leave until she said so.

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