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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 2 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Velocity (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

Bisharp are natural soldiers. They are strong, focused, and intelligent; they are ruthless, tenacious, and capable of operating under immense amounts of stress both physical and mental. That's why I'm not the least bit surprised when, even in the face of his foe's vicious assault, Chessmaster remains absolutely silent.

I watch in dismay as, bit by bit, Hydreigon picks him apart. From the belly of the laboratory a wind emerges, picking up dust and swirling it around Hydreigon in a debris-filled funnel cloud. The cloud catches fire and morphs into a sphere of brown energy that is beautiful to the eyes, but between it and the wind Chessmaster's meteor shower is all but negated. But that's not the worst of it: as he passes the threshold of the barrier, Hydreigon grips his limbs in its three sets of teeth. A vicious crackling noise arises as fire, ice, and lightning ring out through Chessmaster's frame. To cap off its brutal attack, it lets out a booming blast of superheated energy that sends waves of heat rippling through the room, giving everything a surreal tint.

But the worst is the laughing. The noise that Hydreigon lets out is a strange, snarling coughing that bears only passing resemblance to the sound of human merriment. The sentiment it conveys, however, is clear enough.

When everything is over, Chessmaster is left standing stiffly, his silvery blades turned bright red from the heat, only the faintest crease of his eyes betraying the pain that he's in. I can also read the tension in his stance - he is furious. I know Chessmaster well; he can stand insults of every kind, but never laughter. To laugh at a knight is to scorn his bravery and dignified demeanor.

My despair changes to fury. Whatever anyone says, any Trainers who can 'get used to' seeing their Pokemon hurt in battle are either deceiving themselves or not worth the plastic their licenses are printed on. Fortunately, the anger I'm feeling is the steady, boiling kind that leaves clarity in place but provides a freeing sense of brutality that borders sadism. "Chessmaster." My voice is forceful with rage. He glances back, and our eyes meet. We know exactly what to do. “Turn the tables.”

The red glow on Chessmaster's hands begins to intensify rather than fade as he places his palms less than a hair's breadth apart. A single point of light forms between his iron fingers, small but very bright. Then, all at once, the heat rushes out of his palms and into the sphere. Like all things, it expands with the heat; its brilliant glow redoubles as it grows to the size of Chessmaster's head. It rockets toward Hydreigon, with rippling comet-tails of shimmering flame pushed behind it by the headwind.

However, before it can get more than a few yards away from its source, a helix of black energy shoots off from the insides of Chessmaster's body blades and tears through the blazing ball. The metal bursts into a shower of hot steel powder, which merges with the Dark Pulse to create a swirl of glinting silver lined with flames and glowing violet energy. It rams into Hydreigon with considerable force, unleashing its energy as it explodes with a corona of flame and shadow.

But Chessmaster is not through by a long shot. He crosses the hallway in a few short bounds. The tips of his blades begin to glow, throwing out an intense white glow and bright, blue-and-gold flames as he combines powers borrowed from lowly insects and mighty dragons - both mortal enemies of Hydreigon. He rushes through his foe's barrier with barely any sign of slowing and leaps up once more. As he falls, he stretches out his arms before crossing them together, slicing the burning tips of his blades across Hydregion's body along the way. With a resounding clang he hits the floor. His fury looks spent, but he leaps up once more, raising his arms again and slamming them down on Hydreigon once more. The reaction force sends him flying backward; he slides across the tiles, his sharp steel boot-tips creating a violent screech as he slows to a halt. The faintest hint of a smirk traces its way across his face.

Laugh at that, you crazy monster.

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