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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

It was uncertain how long time had gone by until Kiseki returned to the house, though judging by the look on his face and the dark energy in his aura that something was clearly wrong.

"Kiseki? Did something happen?" Ichiru asked as the younger twin slammed the front door, then going straight to the stairs.

"No. Everything's fine." Kiseki responded, though everyone knew it was a lie as he disappeared into his and Caroline's room. The room fell silent for a few moments, even the toddlers not saying a word as they were now quietly playing with different colored blocks by the fireplace while Ashley sat on the couch to keep an eye on her children.

"I know that look..." Ichiru spoke as the others looked over towards him. "Something must have happened with Caroline."

"What could have possibly happened? Both of them are always so happy. I've never even seen them argue." Kotomi responded in confusion.

"I don't know. He probably wouldn't want to talk to anyone but her right now to sort out whatever happened if that is the case, though, so we should just leave him alone for now..." Ichiru said. Diana took Damon's hand and led him into the library so he wouldn't try to get involved, bringing Stefan, Lexi and Isobel to follow. Kotomi looked over towards Aiden for a moment before turning her attention towards the dishes in the sink where she began to wash them, prompting Kol to walk over and help.

"A lot of bad things have been happening lately." Kol commented as Kotomi nodded in agreement.

"I just hope everything gets better soon." Kotomi responded, handing Kol a plate to dry and put away. Ashley stood up from the couch and walked over to her children, the brunette sitting on the floor next to them where their puppy Raven joined.

"Are aunt Caroline and uncle Kiseki okay?" Scarlet asked as Abigail looked up from the blocks.

"Everything will be fine." Ashley reassured her children with a nod, offering the young twins a smile.

Caroline walked through the door a few minutes later and closed it, a troubled look on her face as Ashley stood up from the floor. Her and Caroline locked eyes for a few moments, Caroline's troubled look turning to one of fear.

"What happened? Did Klaus do something?" Caroline asked.

"No." Ashley shook her head, taking a step towards Caroline. "Kiseki came walking in the house a couple minutes ago all pissed off. What happened?"

"Wait, Kiseki left the house?" Caroline asked.

"Yeah. He said he needed some air, but it was pretty obvious he was going to check on you. He wanted to make sure you were okay." Ashley responded, Caroline's eyes widening.

"Oh no..." Caroline gasped, Kevin walking into the house. "He must had saw..." Caroline trailed off as she turned towards Kevin, anger flaring up in Caroline as she took Kevin by the collar of his shirt and dragged him outside.

"What the hell is going on?" Ashley asked as she began to follow, to which her children stood up and began to follow as well.

"Don't worry about it. Kevin and I need to have a little chat privately." Caroline's sharp tone caused Ashley to stop in her tracks right outside the front door, watching as Caroline dragged Kevin to the side of the house where hers and Kiseki's bedroom window was, though she didn't know Kiseki was in there. The toddlers wanted to keep on following but Ashley shook her head, the toddlers both giving a pout as Ashley stepped back inside the house and closed the door.

"You're fricken hurting me, which takes a lot to do to hurt an Original." Kevin growled, though Caroline paid this no attention as she suddenly threw Kevin into a tree. The base of the tree splintered and snapped which caused the tree to come down with a loud crash, though it didn't hit the house.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Caroline shouted in pure anger as Kevin slowly rose from the ground, an annoyed expression on his face.

"You're lucky I let you push me around like this..."

"Kiseki saw you kiss me! So now he probably thinks I let you kiss me since I was too shocked to move away from the kiss!" Caroline growled, her fists tightening.

"Wait, so you weren't actually kissing me back when you didn't move?" Kevin asked, a confused expression on his face. The fact that he thought Caroline was actually kissing him back sent even more rage to flare up in her, the Vampire walking towards the Original.

"Of course I wasn't kissing you! I'm not some tramp like Katherine!" Caroline's eyes flashed red then, the blonde doing her best not to stab a branch through Kevin's heart. "How could you think I would kiss you back? You know I love only Kiseki!"

"I-I don't know! I've been secretly hoping that maybe..." Kevin looked down, to which Caroline's blood-red eyes widened.

"You were hoping that if time had gone by then I would choose you over him?" Kevin's silence was Caroline's answer, to which she shook her head in disbelief as her eyes slowly went back to normal. "I can't believe you thought that." Caroline growled.

"I can't help the way I feel about you!" Kevin snapped as he looked back up at Caroline. "I knew you first! You fell in love with me before you even knew him! I even turned you into a Vampire to be with you!"

"You turned me into a Vampire and then left even before I woke up! You left me, Kevin! To go to Florida and protect the other human Doppelganger! You left me alone to deal with the Vampire Transition stage, which resulted to me killing my own mother!" Caroline snapped back. "It's honestly your fault that she's dead!"

"Don't you dare put that kind of blame on me." Kevin growled, his own rage starting to show.

"You just don't want to hear the truth."

"You wanna know what the truth is? The truth is that you're a Ripper just like how you were back then! You killed your own mother, so you'll kill again. We're Vampires for crying out loud! It's in our nature!" Kevin responded. "And as soon as Kiseki finds out you're killing people then he'll leave you, and you know that."

"Stop it!" Caroline cried, shoving Kevin into a large pile of firewood where he fell with a hard thump, the wood pile crashing down as Caroline used her speed to leave the house.
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