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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Union Cave
Pokémon: Chiko the Chikorita (fine), Hoot the Noctowl (fine), Ledy the Ledian (fine), L the Unown (KO), Reep the Mareep (fine), Char the Charmander (fine)
Points: 61

Luna tossed Chiko's Pokéball. She knew it was too underpowered to take the Onix out on her own, but they had to try.

Using her "finger snapping" and Chiko's natural stubbornness, they managed to do well, but in the end, the grass type was running out of steam.


Pokemon You're Evolving: Chikorita
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Bayleef
Evolution Point Requirement: 16
Points On-Hand: 61
Points After Evolution: 45
Link to stats: Gotta get it

Pokemon using: Bayleef
Pokemon Battling: Onix
Its Point Value: 25
Your Current Points: 16 (+5 for type bonus) (+5 for evo bonus)
Your Points After Battle: 1
Prize Value: ?
Link to stats: *points to evo link*

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