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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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(Charmander the "im on a boat is a reference to the "lonely island boys" song.)

Dreddicuno disappeared into the storm.

Max called down.
"That was crazy !!!! "

Max and Aipom slide down the side of the crows nest to congratulate Char. As Max walked up he smiled.
"That was almost to easy..." Those words seemed to just ask for trouble.

Char looked over Maxs shoulder and watched as the huge dark articuno rose from the water.

On the outside. Gold and Spin finished loading Max into the pod. Once he was in place Spin nervously called back. Hoping that she done it wrong.
"He is ready !"

She then turned to Gold.
"We should get Markus in place..."

Jaye checkd the pods stats making sure everything was a go. Now all she needed to do was start it up.

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