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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Buried alive



Yellow stayed focused on his knee. She looked up at him. "Dont move." Yellow was focused on the task at hand she knew that Lee had gone through a lot. In moments of weakness everyone needed a break. To Lee surprise Yellows hand started to glow a soft red he wanted to flinch but trusted her. After a few moments his ankle felt like great. Yellow stepped back while Lee got up. This was the second time he had felt this. Before Lee could ask.

Yellow looked at him.
"We arent going together...You are going to have save your friend with out me. I must find my friends and try to help them become a team again..." Yellow smiled at Lee. She bend down petting Flint.

"You shouldnt be so cold toward him..its not his fault everything happened....Oh and I know you are wondering what I did. I have a little gift ...I left you a little surprise.." Yellow took out a pokeball and captured the massive Onix.

"Union Cave is going to be dangerous, watch out for the shadow and I arent enemies Lee."

Yellow ran off.

(Lee can go back to Silver now)

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