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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Until the moment Char utter the worlds her world to it had been just a cardboard boat. Young Char knew more about what was going on then Max could understan but the young boy was determined to save the day. Max and Char made there way to the center of the boat. Aipom climbed up on top of Maxs shoulders.

As the massive bird reached the boat. Max smiled at Char.
"I forgot the ship has cannons ! or maybe they just appeared." Max winked a Char.

"You get the cannons ill distract the bird. When he gets close enough fire ! " Max smiled and grabbed onto the rope to climb up to the birds nest. He knew he would be full exposed to the monster at the top but he needed to distract it from attacking Char. Aipom climbed up first helping pull max into the tiny crows nest at the top of the ship.

Once Max was in he wrapped his arms around a rope and held on as the snow storm and wind began to pick up. Max could see the massive bird through the snow as it approached stopping just short of him the bird let out a screech. On the bottom Char held on for dear life as the viscous wind attacked her every step

As Dreddacuno (lol need a new name but oh well) face came through the snow Max stayed his ground.

"You just dont give up do you boy !" its words almost knock Max out of the crows nest but he hangs on.

"What do I have to fear from a big dodo bird..." the young man was still well immature. Aipom covered his face with this tail in embarrassment.

" You can not win this fight you fend ! the only thing you can do is die ! this is our ship!!"

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