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Default Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception

-This is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Role Play. There will be die rolls and combat. Don't know about Dungeons and Dragons? Ask any questions in the discussion thread. Want to watch for a while and then join in later? I'm sure that could be arranged.-

1) When it comes to saving throws and defense, I don't go by the predetermined AC and saving throws that 4e has, I feel like in combat you wouldn't always be at 100%. You would be watching all allies and enemies, maybe a shimmer or light would distract you, etc..
2) The above will change if you keep rolling high numbers and avoiding everything. I'm going to trust you for now.
3) All dice will be rolled with this tool
4) Please, do not "fudge" rolls. I cannot stress this enough. D&D is no fun if someone keeps cheating to dodge attacks, or keep getting critical hits
5) No Bunnying without permission
6) All ties in combat will go to the defender for the duration of this game
7) Posting order will go based on initiative, this is to prevent the story from advancing and someone not knowing what's going on. If you do not post for 96 hours we will advance without you. If it's combat I will perform in your stead, and if it's non-combat we will jump over your action.
8) No Meta-gaming please. If it's something your character wouldn't know, then it shouldn't come up in conversation. Just because it's in the books, doesn't mean it's common knowledge.

Posting Order:
First: Orianna (Ant2011)
Second: Chena (Velocity)
Third: Kharre (5TailedDemonLizard)
Fourth: Wyrd (Latio-Nytro)

Now, onto the game...

Setting: The land of Kharian is an expansive desert, ruled by three different kingdoms. Each with their own specialized merchants and resources. Many adventurers have made a name for themselves by exploring the caves deep underground that hold treasures from ancient civilizations. People who do not live in the cities are either nomads, searching for a better life or Barbaric raiders, killing anybody in their path to obtain wealth and equipment.

While exploring the expansive desert you now call home, a wicked sandstorm has forced you to seek refuge in one of the many caves beneath the shifting sands. Maybe you were looking for treasure or resources, or perhaps something to kill. That is of no concern to you, as personal safety has driven you into a cave with 3 other humanoid creatures. At first none of you speak, hoping perhaps the storm will pass and then you can all be on your way, but as sun turns to moon you realize you may need the company for the night.



Orianna pulls her bedroll from her bag and unrolls it as far away from the others as she can, "You stay on your side of the cave, I'll stay on mine. Sound good?"
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