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Default The Not-So Legendary Gold Magikarp [Ready!]

Pokemon: Magikarp
Level: Easiest
Characters: 4820
Notes: This is my first story, I've checked it over a little bit to make sure there isn't errors like unneeded commas and whatnot. Still, I believe the story is a little lacking and there is a few errors still in there.

It was a fine day at the Lake of Rage. The legendary storm caused by the legendary Red Gyarados was back. It was go fishing. A boy who seemed to be about fifteen years old stepped up to one of the sides. He was wearing a white jacket with a green shirt inside of said jacket. The boy had one Poke Ball on his clip and blue earbuds in. He got out a Great Rod, pulled it back, and set it loose, hoping to get a bite. Under the sea were many aquatic Pokemon, most amazing species that many would want to own. Others...well, they weren't so great. There were Tentacruel with their children, Seaking swimming with schools of Goldeen, and Golduck that would stick their heads in from time to time. But, who could forget about the one that's considered the most pathetic of them all? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was Magikarp! Many were swimming around, trying to fit in with the others around them, others knew how miserable some considered them to be, so they stayed in little corral caves. However...there was one that was swimming by the Red Gyarados. This one was the one everyone wanted, the one that was better than regular Magikarp. The Golden Magikarp! This Magikarp was swimming around her mother, when all of a sudden...the thing came. THE THING, THE THING! It was shaped like a Poke Ball. Bah, who cares, it had cheese on it!!! Feeding her impulses, the Magikarp swam towards the food. Meanwhile, above the surface, the boy felt a tug on his rod. No, not that rod, the other one. You know, the Great Rod...? Anyways, he pulled the piece of strong wood up with mighty force to get this specimen out. It was a Shiny Magikarp! Our boy here grabbed the ball from his clip, enlarged it, and tossed it. When it opened, a blue ball with fluffy wings and a beak came out to fight. With an unspoken order, it began to attack. It first led off with Peck, making sure that it would be good enough so that this creature couldn't hurt the bird. Well, at least for a little bit. The Magikarp retaliated by...just...splashing around...yeah. That is such a good method.

“Charge,” our boy finally spoke. With much swift, the cotton bird started to glow. This gave the Magikarp a new chance to attack! was splashing around again. This is a real smart Pokemon, reallll smart. “Now, launch!” The Swablu launched itself at the golden beast, sending it flying sky-high. Get it? Yeah, that was terrible. However, the Magikarp ended back in the water. After a few moments of silence, the boy headed off for home.

“Hey, kid,” the fisherman said to him. “You were real lucky with this. It wasn't the Gyarados, that was for sure, but it was a good catch! A shame you couldn't get it, though.” The boy replied with nothing and continued home.


“Gyar, dos, dos, dos, dos, Gyarados!!!”
(What were you thinking?! Falling for cheese, I know you better than that!)

“Glub, glub, glub, glub, glub!”
(But it was cheese! Delicious cheese! Would you have fallen for that?)

(NO! I am not an idiot! Now go!)


The next day, the boy came back with his rod, more cheese, and some Net Balls to catch some Pokemon. This time, his Swablu was already out, so it would take less time to attempt to catch it. The Magikarp also had a plan. To rebel against her mother, she would allow herself to be captured by the one who attempted to catch her the first time around. But not without a fight. The Magikarp is a Pokemon, so she does have to do battle. Well, for a fair fight. The boy tossed his Great Rod into the water, waiting for a catch. As soon as the Magikarp spotted it, she latched onto it and held on to be lifted up. With the sound of “Vrrrrr!” echoing through the air as he pulled up, the gold fish revealed herself.

“Wing Attack!” The boy said with more confidence than before. Swablu's wings quickly started to glow as she rushed towards Magikarp. A few seconds before the wings hit, Magikarp rushed to the Swablu, soon tackling it. Swablu was knocked back a few inches, but not by much.

“Now, Gust!” Swablu created a mini tornado that was to be launched at Magikarp, hoping to knock it back. Far. Magikarp barely budged, however, as she attempted to attack the bird once more. Due to the dirt and the air and just plain luck, she could only flop around. This is the same thing that happened last time! Why bother with this one, even though it is a Shiny?! Well, it is Shiny...No. It's a bad Pokemon. More specifically, Magikarp. Even more specifically, this Magikarp. The boy with the intention to catch it started to walk away, when all of a sudden, one of his Net Balls fell off the clip and rolled over to Magikarp. With the chance now in hand, the carp pressed the button on the ball, enclosing her in a red light. The ball started to roll as soon as the boy noticed one of his balls missing...

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