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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 2 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Velocity (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

I couldnít say the slime covered floor was doing well for my shoes as I entered the arena. Across from me, somewhat of a rival friend of mine stood, having her own efforts brought her here. I smiled, knowing this was going to be no easy feat but one very interesting competition. After releasing my dark dragon of three headed lethality, she released a metal clad humanoid. To be honest, that isnít who I expected to be brought out, but sometimes unexpected surprises were the best kind.

Vio-Nai let out a low growl at her opponent, whose metal matched what was littered around the arena. If no one knew any better, you could say it was the Hydreigon herself who had torn the place apart; piece by piece and bit by bit. Her six slender wings barely move as she naturally levitates over the slime that wanted to think it was providing some kind of saran wrap job over the floor. At least one of us didnít have to walk inÖ something I hoped was some kind of algae moss hybrid. We both watched Velo take the first move, a ringing pair of circlets orbiting the body of the Bisharp with a nice sound to them. I knew all too well what attack that was, and Vio-Nai knew it as well. I closed my eyes, and let my hands down to my side, thumbs hooking into my vest pockets as I took in a deep breath.

I gave no attack; I only whistled a single, solitary note.

Vio-Nai relaxed, letting the lesser pair of heads lower just a bit with the mouth of each of them open just a bit. As my whistle trailed of, I felt a slight push against my backside, but not enough to stagger my balance. The force grew in power, consistently getting more and more powerful. It carried the scent of smoke and fire, like a warning for what was about to come. My Hydreigon looked incredibly relaxed, almost ignoring the oncoming onslaught of sharp stones that have just begun to head her way. The wind from behind us blows through shattered windows, and holes in the concrete and metal, carrying black bits of soot, and even what remains of the ash from outside. As the black particles just touch the tips of the dragonís crest, they ignite and vanish into an orange light. The warm hue continues to appear more often as more remains from the old flames, creating a translucent, burnt sienna barrier that surrounds Vio-Nai in a complete sphere. Some of the stones headed directly at her, simply shatter as they make head on contact with the shield. Other shards that were not aimed as precisely are altered in trajectory, sill striking her sides with their sharp edges.

Vio-Nai watched her opponent come after her, doing no short job of proving his strength by jumping with a bit of grace in the air. As he span, the dragon watched him, noticing which limb he was going to strike with first. In the meantime, her maw began to slowly open, as if she was smiling at the idea of her opponent trying to fly. The wind at her back began to pick up in strength even more, and as it passed over the tongues of her left and right head, a dull, light could barely be seen from my angle. In the left was a pale, light blue energy, while the right had a pale gold glow to it. I looked at her main head, and I saw tiny bits of smoke creeping between her fangs.

If Hydreigon were good at one thing, it was responding to attacks. I opened my eyes.

ďGet him Vio.Ē

Vio-Naiís body tensed just a bit as her natural reflexes and instinct began to kick in. Just as the Bisharp was coming down having barely touched the black and blue hide of the menacing dragon, Vio-Naiís other heads snapped to life, having the right head grab firmly around his ankle and the left one, around his wrist. The centre head grabbed the other arm of the metal warrior only fragments of a second after, igniting into flames as it made contact with the Bisharpís body. At the same time, electrical and sub-zero energy exploded from the corners of the mouths of the right and let head respectively. Vio-Nai took the momentum of Bisharpís assault, and spun him around once before tossing him as hard as she could in the opposite direction roaring at him upon release. Remains of Tri-Attack trailed off his body as he flew and Vio continued to roar; with one arm in embers, the other with a frosty coating, and his attacking ankle with its own static cling. Vio continued to hold a fiery energy between her fangs, not letting up her battle cry as the wind at her back grew in force even more. Not even giving time for her opponent to hit the floor, the flames from the dragonís mouth suddenly went out, only to appear in the wind as a heated, crimson and gold gale of embers and pressure. The wind rumbled in a low tremor-like sound, giving our opponent little place to run or hide.

Vio-Nai silenced her roaring, only to growl in a variety of sounds at her opponent. The heat between the two of them would have created a distortion in the light waves, making it appear as if the dragon was under some kind of watery surface. Her other heads seemed to join in with her, looking at the metal man with some kind of attempted expression that resembled some sort of sneer. It was almost as if she was laughing at him, asking her opponent where the power in that attack was.

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