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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Err, there's a problem, JD. Gold never touched the stones, nor did he take the bag. In fact, he wasn't even aware of them. They'd still be with Markus'es body, completely hidden, if at all. Though he never dropped Markus either...I guess a bit of editing is in order...:P)

Markus Novolos

*Hearing Sera's name. Markus thought she looked quite pretty.* Seraphina...That's a good name.

...On how to get out...Scar-someone else that died, in our timeline-well, he said I'd have to relive my worst memories to free the others...Isn't going to be pretty and you'll be subject to them as well, and I'm not sure if they're something sad like this or more like horror stories...Also, there is another thing: I sacrifice 'Life energy' to relive the memories to rescue you guys, which means I die quicker. Don't talk me out of it, Sera, I've made up my mind on that much...

*Starts to think when he thinks about how to rescue the spirits. This is among Blue-Max's worst memories...The spirits had to be freed by reliving them...What was Blue-Max doing?*

...And that might be just to escape this place...We might still have to deal with Giratina...

...Ugh, let's just wait the memory out for now. *Brushing his black hoodie and black-ish jeans, both worn and torn from all the scraps he's been in, not too unlike Sera. His hood was down, revealing his completely white hair and serious, almost intimidating, red eyes.*


(For Eevee's sake, Gold just has Markus'es party, and he's a guy I normally bunny. I got permission from the original guy behind him before I started.)

Vincent 'Gold' Wynauss
Tsunami (Shadow), Ninjuitsu, Beta, Boxie, Cobra, Roseblade, Paris (partner)

*Gold looks at Moon, then at Max. He then thinks of what he said, and thinks of a solution to the issue at hand-however he knew of it. He thinks back to his period of unconsiousness. Only some kind of dream came to mind. It was foggy. He'd get Markus and Beta to look it over later. Then the solution hit him-the soul-machine-thingy in that room! (he didn't know what to really call it)*

Moon! I just got an Idea! If the girl's soul is inside Max, maybe we can use the soul machine to suck the girl's soul back into her own body! I think I know how to work the machine-the worst that could happen is me mixing the two souls up and putting Max in the girls' body...*He mentally ends that bit with 'which might be totally hilarious if it happens, hehe!'*...We don't have too much time! *Picking up Max. Being the physically strongest member of Red Team helped a lot in that department.* Come on, let's move!
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