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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: Super packed pokemon center


Other Items:

Charmander's Egg

(Moon you can say your pokemon are all healed now ! same with everyone else!)

Seth needing space to plot his next move made an excuse that he was going to use the bathroom. Inside the bathroom Seth cleared through his bag. The whole thing had become kinda of wreck with all the files. Seth expression dropped as realized that he had mixed up his Map with the stuff he planted on Lee.
"Oh crap, thats not good..."
Seth had plotted out the best places to cause a slide, safe points to get out of. Now he was going to have to wing it...

Seth attitude changed as he walked out. No longer cocky Seth had to become focused on what was going on. His only that was a stolen pokemon.

Seth went to a place where the group couldnt see and scoped out a young trainer sitting by a tree. As he approched to take it luck had been on his side and the ground started shaking again. This quake was bad and the whole group found themselves grabbing on to something.

Alyssa would need to get the group going before the place was destoryed !

Seth like a predator stalked the kid. Holding to the tree as tight he waited for the right moment. As the quake picked up the young trainer fell to the ground. He rolled down a small hill into some bushes.

"Help me !"

His little Rattata was knocked back back a falling tree. Seth ran over and pulled out Haunters ball.
The grip pokemon came out and looked at Seth.
"We need that pokemon ! bring it to me !"

Pokemon Stealing: Ratttata
Pokemons cost: 5 (+2 stealing bonus)
Points before:90
Points after:85

After the ball stopped rolling Seth picked up the ball and put into his bag then. He then picked up some dirt and smeared it on his shirt and rushed over sliding down the hill to the kid.

"Hey kid are you alright!" Seths phony words seemed genuine to the poor dazed kid. Seth helped the kid up.
"Here let me help get you up." Seth pulled him up and the Youngster began to search for the his pokemon

The Youngster Albert cried out
"Mr Rat where are you !!!"

Seth smiled a little as the kid was turned around. This was too easy. He tapped the kid on the shoulder.
"Oh no, what if your..Mr. Rat got sucked into one of the tunnels...He must be lost in the cave!" Seth looked at the kid.

"I think I know someone who can help.." Seth points out Alyssa.

The youngster runs over to the group
"Please help me my pokemon was sucked down the tunnel into the cave!!!"
Seth waited a moment to come back out.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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