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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Young Max didnt seem to realize anything was off.
"We are fighting pirates ! to save the day ! and beat the feared Captain Dredd !!!! " Char realized that the real damage was that Max was going to lose part of his memories. She had been in a boy imagination. Everything around was cardboard but seemed to be alive.

Max continued to jump around knocking back pirates with his wooden sword. Chars reaction time wasnt great, the cardboard pirates moved quick to surround her. She was going to have to fight her way through !

Char looked up to the top and a shadowed man stood near the helm of the big ship.


Gold sat up his words were faint.
" Articuno....Dredd and the new girl who was the ghost you saved were fighting for Articunos body......Max and new girl went down...Her soul is inside of Max...Max is dying.."

Max continued to shake as if he were in a battle right now. Moon knew she had been here before. She would need to focus on the last time she was here...She had worked in this place and even helped take the souls out. ..
Thats right she realized she had taken souls out. She needed to get Max to the machine and help transfer the souls !

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