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Default Re: Velocity v Saraibre Ryu (Ref: 3m0d0ll).




[Mercedes] Milotic
Ability: Marvel Scale.
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Rain Dance~Water Pulse.
+3 Speed fades in one Round.

Saraibre Ryu

[Obelisk] Rhyperior
Ability: Solid Rock.
Health: 100%
Energy: 90%
Moves: Sandstorm~Thunder Fang.
Energy usage next action*2.

The beautiful Milotic grimaced at its surroundings, feeling entirely uncomfortable out of water. As she tried to coil her long body to move, she realized her scales were beginning to feel a bit dry and movement was becoming more of a challenge. She struggled to move as she felt broken glass and sharp rocks from the alley under her soft belly. Wanting to make herself a bit more at-home, she opened her mouth slightly, facing upwards towards the darkening sky. The blue orb that had formed shone brightly, then was tossed up into the air with a flick of her nose. In seconds, dark clouds began to roll in, covering the sky with gray cumulus. From these clouds, small droplets of water fell, then poured, landing loudly in the ground, creating mud and shallow puddles everywhere.
[Rain Dance: Mercedes, -7% Energy]

Obelisk roared, angry with the fact that his thick body was drenched in water. Snarling, he pushed his hands out, slightly panting, and let a small amount of sad stream from the holes in his palms. The flow intensified, until it began to gush outwards, filling all of the new puddles with coarse sand. He roared again, trusting his harms backwards, sending waves of sand from his hands throughout the entire, narrow field, destroying the rain drops before they could hit the ground. Long streams of sand fired upwards, creating large holes in the young clouds, until there weren't any rain clouds in the sky.
[Sandstorm: Obelisk, -14% (7*2) Energy; Obelisk, +2 SpDef]

Merdedes hated the feeling of sand between her sparkling scales; they rubbed the tender skin she had underneath, causing great discomfort. Feeling rather helpless, she tilted her head down slightly, letting a small, neon blue sphere formed on her tongue. Water seemed to move freely within the orb and she smirked, slightly tossing the ball in the air, then spun quickly to slam the ball with her tail. It burst instantly, sending a large wave crashing over Obelisk, hitting him hard in the head.
[Water Pulse: Obelisk, -9% Health; Mercedes, -5% Energy; CNFS, 10/1-2, no CNFS]

As Obelisk groaned, clutching the horn on his nose, he let his anger build up, sparking within his jagged teeth. The electricity built up, beginning to flair without control, and Obelisk used this moment to strike, lunging towards his serpentine foe. As he sunk his teeth into her soft skin, Mercedes cried out, cringing as the electricity pulsed through her long body.
[Thunder Fang: Obelisk, -6% Energy; Mercedes, -11% Health; PRZ, 10/1, no PRZ; Flinch, 5/1, no flinch]

Obelisk released his grip and jumped backwards. Just as he did so, a long stream of sand slamming itself into Mercedes, knocking her to the ground out of shock.
[Sandstorm: Mercedes, -6% Health]


[Mercedes] Milotic
Ability: Marvel Scale.
Health: 83%
Energy: 88%

Saraibre Ryu

[Obelisk] Rhyperior
Ability: Solid Rock.
Health: 91%
Energy: 70%
+2 SpDef.


Rain Dance failed because Mercedes is faster and Sandstorm was used in a conditional.

Sandstorm for one more Round.

Saraibre Ryu
[Cayci] Galvantula
44% | 23%

Velocity, your moves, please.

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