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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Spin helped Moon get Gold and Max out of the room. After a few minutes Gold seemed to spring to life. He sat up shaking. The cold had seemed to reach every inch of his body. Moon held on to Max as he body seemed to convulse.

As Gold looked down he noticed a rip in clothes. The stones he had gotten off of Markus were make the matters worse his leg would need to bandaged before he could get up.

In side the Darkrai a Markus and the Spirit find themselves dealing with a Max unlike the one they had expected. He seemed to much more humble than the one they had known. Max spoke to a group of people. His words more filled with pain then nothing else.

" Markus was my friend..I always looked to him for his wisdom. Without him here now, I do not know where I should go. I had written a few words but they seem meaningless right now. Looking out into the crowd I fear none of you know Markus, his pain and sorrow only left with those who knew him as a someone who was more than just loss. The world has lost of its best psychics..."

Max takes out a pokeball. He places the black pokeball on the casket.
" Belt is with you now my friend...I hope that you two will stand by eachs sides no matter what happens."

A tragic reminder that no matter what Markus does, he will always lose his friend Belt.

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