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Default Re: (SABI) Neku vs. TE

Draco, I have a plan. Return for now.

Center stage, Volcano!

Volcano [Cyndaquil]
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Solar Punch

Cyndaquil love basking in the sun, for hours even. This one learned how to make use of it. When the conditions are normal, or it is sunny, Volcano can absorb the sun and concentrate it to maximum levels, releasing the energy with his fists. This speedy punch is close-range, meaning Volcano is left vulnerable if it misses. If the attack misses, Volcano's defenses are lowered two stages for one turn. May cause flinching.

Type: Grass
Base Power: 75
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 5
Impact: Adjacent opponent(s).
Priority: None [0]
Effects: Defenses are lowered two stages if the attack misses for one turn. Add 25 base power in Sunny weather. Cannot be used during Rain, Hail, or Sandstorm weather.
1-90: No Flinch
91-100: Flinch
Usage Gap: None. The move cannot be used in Rain, Sandstorm, or Hail.

He's left himself vulnerable. Use Eruption, full power!