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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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(Red has by far the most going on as far as people all over the place..complicated posts ! )

Jaye checked one last time then continued down the hall. Reaching the end she noticed a door that had been shattered like broken glass. Jaye rushed in she found Gold and Max down. She needed to get them out of the room and thaw them off.

Inside Max soul Char found her consciousnesses floating around. Young Max stands outside the door. He better sense telling him to run but his resolve wouldnt shake.
"Furball its finally our time to prove that we can do something! " He says with a cocky smile on his face. Max hand runs across the heavy wooden door and with a stiff push the big doors slowly open up...the doors swing open but the image seems to turn to just white light for a moment.

*What Im going to say wont make much sense but please try not to freak out. You and I are uhh the same now..When Dredd kicked you out of the Articuno you had no where to go..Souls cant exsist outside a body..So I ..uhh joined with your souls...the only problem is that this now have my memories and I have yours...* Max calls out in pain.

The next image is that of Char walking down a dark path. Rocket Grunts storming out. Char and Max image seem to flash back and forth.

On the outside Jaye finds Maxs body starts to shake. She pulls his body out of the room.

Char begins to feel the pain Max is feeling.
*I dont have the power to keep your soul...and a body cant support two souls..we will need to focus together to get you to your body..the sooner the better..* The more time that passes Char can feel Maxs body is taking a lot of damage..her memories pouring out in front of her.

Young Max appears again with a Charmander..Young Char stands in front of him. Max looks at the girl. The two stand outside of massive wooden ship. Young Max has an eye patch out and wooden sword.
"No fear Char, the dreaded captain Dredd is on there! and we must stop him!"

Max looks at Char and runs in wooden sword first. Char rushes up and finds the boat is filled with cardboard pirates. Max jumps around swinging the sword. Char's reaction is to do nothing. Until she notices a pirate moving towards her.
"Come here little girl !" the cardboard figure lifts its sword and swings at her.

Shuppet passes through the doll for a only a moment but in that instant both him and the little candle are sucked into a memory.

Markus lifts his hands realizing that he is in his own body,he is also in a rain storm.. he looks to his side and a strange girl stands next to him. Though he wonders whats going on his focus moves to the group of people. Markus takes a few steps forward and realizes this is no party its a funeral.

Max stands at the front around him five caskets lined up. Max wipes the rain and tears away from his face. One of his arms wrapped up in a bandage.
"They didnt deserve this..." Max looks at the five caskets.

Markus moves forward looking at one of the caskets he sees his own. The girl steps forward letting out a sigh as she focuses on a casket with her name. For some reason the name seems blurry to Markus.

" I wasnt strong enough to stop it..."

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