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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Name: Danica Serenity Garnet. She currently goes by Serana, not remembering her real name.

Age: Serana was killed at 20, and has only spent a short while in her current state.

Gender: Female

Race: Ghost/Spirit/whatever, she’s a deceased human.
Despite being a ghost, Danica does indeed have access to a solid form. However, in this state, she is rather fragile (bruising easily, bones breaking under less stress then a normal person’s, ect) and has unimpressive strength and endurance.

However, she also has her “ghost mode”, where she becomes translucent (or completely invisible if she so wishes). Unlike in her solid form, Serana can pass through walls, and cause lighter objects to hover and fly around as she wishes. She also cannot speak clearly, making communication difficult. Solid objects will also pass through her, including living beings.

In both forms, her body temperature is fair below the average, and she does emit tiny amounts of cooler air. It is more drastic in “ghost mode” however, and also more noticeable if she is in a small, enclosed space for a while. As expected, Serana is cold to the touch.

Taking too much damage in her solid form will revert her back to “ghost made” and will remain dormant in translucence for some time.

Affiliation: Neutral

Appearance: Both of Serana's forms use a similar base, a slightly altered version of young woman when she was alive. Standing at about 5’6, her minor surplus of weight is mostly downplayed by her above average height. A natural brunette, her hair is shoulder length, but the locks that frame her face are notably longer. At first, the young woman's eyes appear to be the same hue as her hair, but upon closer inspection, they are a warmer shade of brown. Quite piercing, they can also give her an air of eeriness and detachment for some. Her oddly pale skin is another thing that sometimes draws attention of passersby.

When it comes to clothes, it is fairly obvious the young woman favoured simple threads. She is most often seen pairing dark coloured tops (tank tops, usually) with lighter blue jeans, and completing the ensemble with grey Converses. Despite being impervious to the cold, for the sake of not sticking out too much, Serana will wear a somber coloured hoodie.

The only accessories she still has include a faded brown satchel, one small silver earring (on her left ear) and navy fingerless gloves.

Her appearance is given translucence and a slight grey hue while in her ghostly state. It may be worth noting her “true” form is… gruesome to say the least, and Serana has no way of accessing it willfully.

Personality: “The most important advice I could give you, I think it would be not to trust anyone or anything at face value. Digging a little deeper, you usually find that not everything… is what meets the eye”

Serana finds herself rather untrusting of both people and situations, to the point of being paranoid at times. It takes a fair bit to earn trust, and even then, she may slip into periods of weariness with said person. However, in exchange, she is fiercely loyal.

Even know, she remains shards of her previous logical mind. The young woman won’t charge into anything without at least giving it some thought, and trying to balance out pros, cons and the possible outcomes. While trying to make a choice, Serana doesn’t like to be rushed, but sometimes will need to be pushed along if the situation is urgent enough. She has retained most of her astronomical knowledge and can sometimes use the sky as a way to locate herself.

Despite having been given an objective, Serana often finds herself lost and with little direction. She knows it’ll take her unpleasant places, and finds herself worrying about it on a regular basis, along with weighing the possibility of failure, and if that is even at all possible. These thoughts usually lead her into a pessimistic, depressive mindset that, so far, has managed to be overcome.

Serana, when under intense emotional trauma, she tends to revert back to ghost mode, and will also forget about her death and believe herself alive. Being put back in the situation that ended her life would be a prime example of what could lead to this happening. Trying to reason with the young woman in this state only makes things worse.

History: The bulk of the young woman’s life was rather uneventful, especially compared to the way it ended. Dani was fortunate enough to spend her childhood in a loving (but often a little chaotic) household, under the wing of her older brother. Even as they grew older, he remained rather protective of his little sister, having both drawing positive and negative. Overall, her experiences as a kid were good.

In middle school, a mix up landed Dani in band class, which she ended up sticking with out of connivance and hoped for the end of the term. However, she soon began to enjoy it and stuck with music for the coming years. She was, and still is, quite good with the violin. It was also during this time that she started to go by her middle name of Serenity, due to there being another Danica and a Danny in her classes.

Freshman was a hard year, losing her favorite aunt in a “suspicious incident” was a hard blow. Having gone to another high school, Serenity didn’t have her group of friends to rely on, but learned the fragility of life and not to take people for granted. They never discovered the true circumstances behind her death, which continued to haunt the girl until her own death.

Sophomore was a better, getting a small but tight social circle and discovering a love of astronomy, things looked brighter, and stayed as such for some time afterward.

Despite rumours, Serenity, being more of a logical thinker, was completely disbelieving of “supernatural beings”. The topic would serve for good “scary stories” with some friends around the camp fire, but nothing more. Little did she really know what was really out there.

Graduating with impressive grades, the young woman chose to pursue a career in astronomy. She also reverted to going by Dani or Danica at this point, after being repetitively told that Serenity was "childish" and "too cutesy".

Third year into her Bachelor of Science degree, Danica and a friend (that she liked, mind you) stayed up late studying for finals. Afterward, he offered to take her for a walk in the nearby park. Not missing her chance, Serenity agreed without hesitation.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as much a university student as a vampire that had a thing for the taste of young adult. He, however, being slightly inexperienced, wasn’t so good at being subtle, and once Danica caught on and panicked… things got ugly… for her.

He was pretty brutal and excessive and to get more blood, well, it was gruesome. Hers wasn’t a peaceful end…

… and neither was it really an end. In the afterlife, she was given a task, destroy the vampire who so mercilessly and irredeemably hunts and kills the innocent and in exchange, a second chance would be granted. After some thought and hesitation, Danica agreed.

The memories of her death were blurred and, of her encounters beyond her last breath, Serana only remembers having a task, and it will involve facing a fear. Little does she know, this fear will be revisiting her worst nightmare…

In ghost form:
Invisibility: You can’t see her. She still emits cold though, it’s worth noting
Poltergeist: She can levitate and throw around lighter (inanimate) objects. Heavier items and living beings seem to too much for her.
Passing though walls: Solid objects pose no boundary, unless specifically enchanted or something.

In her human form, Serana is currently limited to her bottle of bear spray, which is rather full at the moment.

Other: The young woman finds herself rather afraid of vampires, but fears being bitten in general above all.

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