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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Jaye paused for a moment as the wave of sound came rushing through the building. The power of its movement shattering the windows throughout the building.

"Free at last !"

The mightly bird flew out of building and out of sight. Jaye and Spin would have to make there move for the others now.

What started off as darkness soon started to show signs of light. Max calming voice feel over Chars soul.
"Yes, its me Max. Please try not to be scared by what is happening." as Char relaxed she was teleported into a memory. A seven year old Max stood nervous outside of a big building the tiny purple Aipom wrapped itself tight around his shoulders. Char felt the memory in a way she wouldnt expect.
"Char this is one of my memories....if it feels strange its because its now one of your memories order to save you we had to join..that sounded weird.." Max voice laughed.

"I was getting ready for a huge battle, or what I believe would be one.."

Char cant see herself or Max talking. She was but didnt have a form.

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