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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Dalton Amaro
Vampire Hunter
ARPers Dragotech

"Why does everyone assume we sparkle?" Dalton said, "You read that twilight crap?"

He pulled the knife out of his sleeve and threw it into one of the trees.

"What about now?" Dalton replied shaking her hand, and holding his left in the air away from the gun.

"Half Vampire. My mother was human. Father a vampire." Dalton responded

Then he remembered why he was here.

"Do you know of a vampire called Edward?" Dalton asked, "He has information on who killed my parents."

It had been an hour since Dalton jumped from the train. He would have to get going soon to make it to Chicago before dawn.

"Where are you headed? I am on my way to Chicago, then New York from there."

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