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Lisa Blackeye
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Lisa watched this person get up. He held the gun lower. "What are you? You reek of blood like a vampire. But vampires don't eat those victims. Are you a werewolf? Or something worse?" the man asked. "I am a vampire hunter. I was hoping you might know where my next target is."

She looked at this man. "I- I'm a dragon..." she muttered under her breath. It was not exactly believable claiming to be a dragon. He watched him turn and shoot a deer. She again blamed humans for such creatures being here in the plains. Of course having eaten one for supper, she should have already thought on that. Of course hunger can addle the brain, she found herself fairly unsurprised.

The man appeared to have bit into the deer. She questioned whether vampires existed, so this surprised her. She stared at this thing. "Are... Are you a vampire?" Lisa asked. The man seemed not to pay attention. He got up and put his gun away. He introduced himself and put his hand out to shake.

She noticed immediately that this was his left hand. Her eye twitched. From what she read this was an insult, and she did not appreciate it. "I am not going to shake that." She offered her right hand in response. "Lisa... You don't... sparkle... do you?" She stated as her own introduction and then asked a question.
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