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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Dalton Amaro
Vampire Hunter
ARPers: Dragotech

Dalton stood up and held the gun slightly lower away from the girl. If she intended any harm she would have already killed him.

"What are you? You reek of blood like a vampire. But vampires don't eat those victims. Are you a werewolf? Or something worse?" Dalton asked. "I am a vampire hunter. I was hoping you might know where my next target is."

The pain of the headache contined to worsen. Suddenly Dalton heard something. He raised his gun and point it to the left, where he heard the sound and shot. He walked to the trees and found a deer, dead on the ground.

Dalton holstered the gun, and got on his knees, dug his fangs into the deer. After a few minutes, his headache and nausea were gone. He walked back to the girl, and held out his left hand to shake.

"I'm Dalton." He said, ready to pull the knife out of his sleeve if she attacked him.

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