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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A forested area of Illinois (hurray for conservationists)
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa had seen someone arrive. This stranger had walked up and examined the campsite. He found particular interest in the ripped up leftovers.

He carried a gun, and to Lisa's displeasure the barrel was directed towards her. She quickly considered if she could jump him and rip out something important before getting shot. This seemed a poor idea considering that she doubted she could out-run a bullet. He opened his mouth, "I don't want to hurt you. This is just for security. What are you?" Lisa heard the words and somewhat doubted them. She began to reply. The man then spoke something quiet. Lisa could barely hear it, but she could catch something about wasted blood. This seemed odd enough, but the stranger collapsed. She wondered if she should take advantage of this and run.

She decided to stand her ground. She climbed above him in a nearby tree. She took a stance that showed a readiness to pounce. She began to question why so many trees were here in these plains. She assumed humans put them here for some reason. She noticed this man was vomiting. She considered that humans had a weak stomach and could not help it seeing the result of her eating habits.

She began to shift her hands and feet. Just enough to get more lethal claws than the human fingernail, or her variation of it. She eyed this human. She figured it was human. She wondered why it instantly demanded her to explain what she was and not why there was a carcass torn open. It didn't seem to have a typical human fear. She didn't smell enough of certain pheromones to indicate much fear. She began to question what he was. After all she was a dragon, so if she can hide in this manner, then what else could as well?

She decided to wait to ask the redundant question until after this thing that seemed human recovered. She perhaps could explain what she was. Of course she figured based on her decision not to flee, she would have to anyways.
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