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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Sear/Charmeleon (able) Hyperio/Pidgeotto (able) Dusty/Sandslash (able) Shade/Ghastly (able) Viceroy/Butterfree (able) Bones/Cubone (able)
Partner: Silpha/Ekans
Points: 35[36]
(wow... as I typed this I thought of the little facial expression boxes associated with the dialog boxes from the Mystery Dungeon games)

Charlie lay sleeping as Silpha the Ekans, by self-appointment, took the position of first watch.
She watched carefully wondering why she came to this human. How was it that they were paired. The awkward tension was apparent at their meeting.
Something rustled in the grass. Silpha hissed at it.
Out of the grass walked a Charmeleon.
Sear: "Hiya!"
Silpha: "What do you want?"
Sear was stricken by surprise at directness of the Ekans question.
Sear: "Uhmm... Just to welcome you to the team..."
The Ekans eyed the Fire type with seemingly feigned curiousity.
Silpha: "Why?"
Sear was now unsure of the Ekans. This seemed awkward to her.
Sear: "Uhmmm... Cuz your still part of the team now?"
Silpha: "And how long do you expect me to be here? I don't know if you noticed but this human almost seems to see me as unpleasant."
Sear: "Well... She probably doesn't... you may have surprised her?"
Silpha almost seemed to glare at Sear.
Sear was somewhat frightened of the weaker Pokemon.
Silpha softened her own expression.
Silpha: "Well... I would like to believe that... but I am... just unsure."
Sear: "I am sure you guys were just off to an awkward-ish start. It will all be fine!"
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