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Default Re: Micro vs Shiny Ditto

Okay then, lets fight electricity with electricity!

Go Alpha!

[Alpha] - Magnemite - (Genderless)
Ability: Sturdy
Sig. Move: None.

Okay Alpha, we are faster so we move probably first.

Start out with Toxic, unless your opponent uses a status move that is bad-news for you (ex. defense down, sleep, confuse, etc.), go for Magic Coat. If she puts up a Sub, use Rollout. If she uses something else that blocks Toxic, use Light Screen.

For the next attack, use Signal Beam, unless she uses a move that blocks it (except for Sub.), use Light Screen or Magic Coat if you didn't put it up previous move (if both aren't used previous turn, go for Light Screen). If she sets up a sub, use Rollout.

Toxic/Magic Coat/Rollout/Light Screen ~ Signal Beam/Light Screen/Magic Coat/Rollout
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