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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
Somewhere in the Southern part of the United States
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa has looked at the area around her. She recounted her journey.

She had woken up and grabbed her few measly belongings and tossed them into a large back pack. She had always traveled light. She had occasionally stashed belongings she could not carry in places, but she had a tendency to forget about where she left them. She abandoned that practice, so if she couldn't simply carry it in that bag it was left behind.

She stepped out of the door and headed towards the wooded area. She moved quickly to the woods. She was not confident she was out of the clear yet. She stayed in her human form. She ran quickly through the woods. She did this for a while. She found herself in a place far enough from human civilization. It was deep in the woods. She had begun to transform. An hour or two later she was in her true form. She dashed through the woods. The trees could put up little resistance against the force of her body colliding into them.

This quickly got tiresome. She decided that breaking branches was not the brightest idea. They were going to leave bruises. She knew they would heal quickly, but she would feel them next morning.

She decided she wanted an alternate mode of transportation. She managed to catch a ride for a short while. She slept in the car and regenerated her bruises.

Later on she left that vehicle and took to moving on foot once more.
She ate on the run snagging wild game. The flavor of fresh venison was much more pleasing than the pathetic excuse for food typically served in human establishments. She feasted rather messily. She cleaned off the carnage in fresh water streams. Soon after she these meals she would be back on her feet in one form another. Cascading through these forests or between their trees. She was careful not to cross many humans.

It took a great deal of time on foot but she got to a place where she decided to stop for a short while. She stood looking at a map of Illinois.
She would set up camp here and stay for a while. She was unsure whether to head west or east. She decided she was sick of heading north for the time being.

And so she set up camp, a fresh kill lay out on the ground, a fire was burning on the ground. The Carcass was torn open and it was rather unreckognizable as to what it was prior to meeting its fate.

She had not taken time to wash off the carnage from the recent kill, and it almost seemed as there was a pair of eyes watching. Whether there was or not was another story.
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