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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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“What is this?” The small spirit asked aloud, eyeing the plush up and down with suspicion. Was this what asked for my help? After keeping their distance for some time, the spirit closed the distance between them and the strange doll. Upon walking up to the doll, the spirit became more timid as the plush was more than double their own size. Due to the spirit’s newfound timidity, their flame faltered from the fear of the unknown. “Were you the one asking for my help?” The spirit asked, their flickering flame creating an eerie light on the plush.

Despite the timidity the spirit had towards the doll, the spirit tempted itself with shaking the plush’s arm. Before the spirit could do so, this strange, haunting feeling alerted the spirit that the spirit wasn’t alone with the plush. This gut feeling left the spirit wondering whom else was around; or, if the spirit’s mind was playing tricks on them as it did with the doll.

“Is someone else there?”


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