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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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(Okay this is going to take awhile... Still on the iPod.)

Gold hands shook as he reached for the leaver. The biter cold air seemed to pull at each of his movements. With each long breath gold moved a little further. His mind focused on ending what he believed would be the end of dredds rain. At that exact same time Char and her charmander battled the dredd articuno. Char found her backed into a corner. The cold breath of the dark bird sent chill down her spine. With a quick blast of a air the little charmander fainted. As the ice started to form around chars feet the chilling realization that she might not get out of here fell over her. The dark voice soon spoke her. "Valient effort young char... It's just a shame you won't make it out if here alive..soon your soul will be sucked into my own."

On the outside gold finally reached the leaver. As he pulled it down the power seemed to go on and off. Char felt dredds touch for only a moment but even that caused a scar on her soul. Before dredd could get her soul the machine ripped it out of articuno. For a moment char souls falls into nothing. Char found that everything went black a moment passed before she could hear a voice " hold in spirit ! "

With char out dredd took full control articuno. The temp dropped quickly and as dredd awoke he cried out shattering the glass. Gold dropped back to cold to move he blacked out.

Meanwhile, jaye made her way around the building a blast of cold air shattered the windows.

Articuno, looked at the now frozen group and let out a screech. "This is only the beginning fools !" Articuno let out a blast of air breaking the windows and flying away.

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