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Default Burst Roleplay Idea Poll

Alright, I've been looking at some ideas for roleplays that can be done in the span of several, episodic weekend roleplays. These would be drop-in, drop-out roleplays without mandatory participation each week. I have three plots prepared for consideration, to see where the interest lies, and if there is interest at all. For discussion about the "Burst Roleplay" concept in general, see this thread.

Now, for the ideas. These, just for good measure, take episodic to a new level: They are meant to be like television episodes and will intentionally have settings familiar to the genre. They will also have introductions and recaps, for those who missed previous episodes.

IDEA 1 - CCPD: STS (Castelia City Police Department: Special Tactics Squad


The streets of Castelia City are a dangerous place. Crime exists everywhere in this massive metropolis, and sometimes, Officer Jenny can't do the job alone. The city just faced the highest crime rate in years, with drugs, gang violence, and murder being more prevalent than ever before. Thus was the Special Tactics Squad born. A team of experienced professional trainers, they have been given the resources and training to apply their skills to crime-fighting. Their mission: To clean up Castelia and crack down on crime.

IDEA 2 - Dust in the Wind: A Pokemon Western


The Western Wind is a saga of many stories. Settlers, sheriffs, bandits, and other assorted characters living beyond the hand of the law all traverse the open plains of the Western Territory, each pursuing their own destiny. Our heroes all have come from a different background, bringing with them all they care for on a pilgrimage to the territories. The West offers wealth and fortune to those who can tame its wild expanse, but death and despair to those who tread without caution. There is strength in numbers, but to survive, they must work together.

IDEA 3 - A Random Quest

The same characters persist through a different, completely random event each day. Strange things happen for no reason whatsoever every day, and you guys need to kill it with fire. Or just contain it. It's really up to you.



I really don't know anymore.

So, the poll is above, leave comments and criticisms below.

Oh, and you can suggest ideas too.

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