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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Omega Spike

You never mentioned how long the charging phase is. You also should make a list of what you consider "spike" moves so we can have an exact reference.
Hmmm'kay. Souldrinker has been updated. (Just post Ω Spike here aswell. <.< Not changed of course.)

[Beta] - Beldum - (Genderless)
Ability: Clear Body
Sig. Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)

Signature Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)
Description: Beta puts most of his power in his back claw, making them longer, sharper and turn into a different color. Then the three nails come together into the middle of the circle it is on, to become a spike. Beta then charges at the opponent as quick as possible, while rotating to point the spike at the opponent. (Much like a bee.) If it hits an opponent it'll get a chance to get a status effect, depending on the color the spike got. After the spike hits or misses, it'll turn normal into a claw again, making the nails seperated again and the color/length of it normal color/size.
The colors and effects are as following.
-White=No Effect
Even though the opponent get hits by one of the colored spikes, it doesn't instantly mean it's inflicted by the effect.
Type: Steel
Base Power: 75
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 11%
Impact: Single Target
Priority: None. (0)
Effects: All effects except for "No Effect", have a 50% chance of inflicting the status.
0-11: Poison
12-22: Paralysis
23-33: Burn
34-44: Infatuation
45-55: Freeze
56-66: Sleep
67-77: Confusion
78-100: No Effect
Usage Gap: One round after the move has been used.

[Delta] - Ferroseed - (Male)
Ability: Iron Barbs
Sig. Move: Souldrinker (2 Forms, Charge Souldrinker and Spit Souldrinker)

Signature Move: Souldrinker
Description: There are two phases of Souldrinker, the first is charging and the second is spitting it out.
-Charging phase: Delta starts by spinning as fast as he can. While he is spinning his, spikes will withdraw for him to swallow. Because of that, his spike based attacks and his ability: Iron Barbs, won't work until the spikes restored. The spikes will restore after 2 rounds of the charging phase. While he has the souldrinking seed stored, his shell will glow a bit of light. The charging phase is done at the end of the move, being able to use the Spit Souldrinker for the next move.
-Spitting phase: Delta now finishes his move by bouncing into the air while spinning vertically, then he aims at the opponent and spits the shining green seed out of the top hole of his shell. If the seed hits the opponent it'll grow green vines with silver thorns out of it, which will wrap around the opponent. Then it'll act like a Leech Seed, however instead of draining any HP, it'll drain Energy. It will also restore a bit of Delta's energy for the energy drained off the opponent on each turn. The seed doesn't work if there is a Leech Seed already on the opponent. The spitting phase can be used whenever the trainer wants.
Type: Grass
Base Power: ---
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: Charging Phase: 7%, Spitting Phase 10%.
Impact: Single Target.
Priority: None (0)
-After charging it, it doesn't have to be spit out for the next attack. He can store the seed and wait until the trainer commands him to. Also the spikes he withdraws causes him to not be able to use attacks which has to use his spikes. Also his Iron Barbs ability won't work. This effect will stay until two rounds after using it. The charging phase is done after Charge Souldrinker. That way he can immediately use Spit Souldrinker for his next move.

Moves that fall under the spike-less effect.
Hone Claws (He has nothing to really sharpen, since he is now egg-shaped.)
Metal Claw (Since he has no claws, it must be his spikes.)
Poison Jab (He has no arms/tentacles, so it's probably the spikes that makes the move.)
Giga Drain (I searched on Bulbapedia's anime section, and I saw that Paul's Torterra used Giga Drain with the mountains on his back. Delta has spikes that kinda look like those, so Giga Drain can't be used by him.

-After spitting it, it will leave a Souldrinking seed on the target, which is basically the same as a Leech Seed, but it'll drain energy instead of HP. It also restores energy instead of HP. If there's a Leech Seed on it, the attack doesn't work and the seed will be wasted, the otherway around is the same, if the Souldrinking seed is planted on the target, Leech Seed will not work on the target.
Usage Gap: One time to charge and one time to spit in the whole match.
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