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Default Re: Easter Capture Contest [Information and SU]

Heh, you have to post your actual Park SU in the Sign-Ups thread (located here). Once you've done that, you post your SU for the Contest here.

Also, a note to everyone: the point requirements for Mon has been increased. They are now:

Score of 90+: Bring out Special or lower
Score of 75+: Bring out Rare or lower
Score of 65+: Bring out Intermediate or lower.
Score of 55+: Bring out Borderline or lower.
Score of 45+: Bring out Uncommon or Common.
Score of 35+: Bring out Common.

I did some calculating, and even factoring in some worse-case scenarios, it's still pretty easy to at least nab Borderline. So yeah, too much of a change, but enough that people actually still have to work towards their captures.
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