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Default Re: Easter Capture Contest [Information and SU]

Name: Minty
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: A very happy-go-lucky person, Minty is always excited to take on new challenges. She is enthusiastic about this event; it is her first time in the park.
Description: Minty is slightly shorter than most female trainers her age; about 5'2". She has pale skin, and vibrant lime-colored hair. She dresses in a Gothic Lolita style, with the exception of her neon pink feather boa.
Pokemon Captured: None yet :'(
Pokemon Natures: Treecko (I'm bringing him in!)- Hasty
Park Items: 3 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; 2 Lava Cookies, 2 Energy Powders, 1 PokeDoll

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