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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Get out of here, you are a great artist. You and Meg are the best on the forum !

Also at first your character is going to working around what Markus is dealing with but once you guys are free you are going to be getting back your body and pokemon. Also it may be best to not remember who you are, or your
Awww. Thanks. :3 I already have my first drawing ready for my next post, but they're gonna be quickies until school gets off of my back. XD;

Okay. c: Should I still wait for Markus' next post then? And, yeah, I figured that memory loss would be best. XD Coincidentally, I don't have a name picked out yet, so I'm glad that I'm not supposed to know yet. :'D

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