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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
There's at least Sabi and Chibi, AcrossTheUniverse...maybe others? Not entirely sure wjo all hasn't posted.

I dunno who you'd meet--not sure anyone is that far west in the RP as of yet. However...does Dalton work with an organization or solo? The random vamp deaths might get Laura called up, if he's working free from organizations... I feel sorry for LA, though, with you unleashing Dalton on it--such a lovely city...well, the parts I've been to.

Hopefully things won't be so dull soon; Nar, er, Socratic made an interesting plot suggestion that might get some moving, but not everyone...mainly those with demon relations, as far as I can tell.
Dalton mostly works solo, eg if someone has a vampire, or another mythical creature (vampires are his specialty though) that is giving them problems, they will call him. If he thinks they need to die, he will kill them. Otherwise he will just scare them. He will charge for his services. However if he has a vandetta with a vamp, he does it for free. As long as he isnt asked to kill anything, or doesnt meet anyone who has him POed then LA will be fine XD

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