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Default Re: Velocity v Saraibre Ryu (Ref: 3m0d0ll).




[Sol] Volcarona
Ability: Flame Body.
Health: 100%
Energy: 81%
Moves: Light Screen~Vulcan Ash.
PRZ @ 3; -3 Spd (-6 once Tailwind [+3 Spd] fades in two Rounds); +1 SpAtt.

Saraibre Ryu

[Cayci] Galvantula
Ability: Compoundeyes.
Health: 44%
Energy: 23%
Moves: Switch for Obelisk~Rock Wrecker.
+1 Acc; +2 Spd; Protected by Light Screen for one more Round.

The trainer to my left kept a still face, pulling a Pokeball from her belt, calling back the mighty Galvantual that had battled so courageously. Then, in the same motion, she tossed a different ball in the air, releasing a Pokemon very different than her previous choice physically. This new Pokemon was extremely large and obviously powerful, with a strikingly noticeable name to go along with it.
[Switch: out, Cayci; in, Obelisk]

Sol eyed her opponent suspiciously, refusing to give in to this mineral beast, flapping her wings furiously, creating small squares where he wing tips touched. Those tiles fell to the ground, eventually stacking up, creating a wall large enough to completely cover Sol, making her feel slightly at ease.
[Light Screen: Sol, -6% Enery; protected by Light Screen for 2 more Rounds]

Not skipping a beat, Sol let the warmth around his increase, moving his wings briskly, picking up small pebbles from the ground. As they collided together, they increased in temperature, smashing themselves into smaller bits. Eventually, this barrage of scorching sand was pelting both Pokemon, but only Obelisk seemed hindered.
[Vulcan Ash: Sol, -7% Energy]

Obelisk grinned evilly with pure, brute strength. Putting his arms parallel to the ground, palms facing each other with a space between them. From the small holes in his palms, tiny chunks of rock shot from them, joining together in the center of his chest, outlined in a dark red aura. Once the mass of rocks had formed into the size of a basketball, the red force that kept it afloat vanished, and Obelisk caught the hunk, then threw it at his opponent with such force, it fell to the ground, unable to get up.
[Rock Wrecker: Obelisk, -10% Energy; Sol, -108% Health; CH, 217/625, CH.]


[Sol] Volcarona
Ability: Flame Body.
Health: KO'd.
Energy: KO'd.
+3 Speed fades in one Round.

Saraibre Ryu

[Obelisk] Rhyperior
Ability: Solid Rock.
Health: 100%
Energy: 90%
Energy usage next action*2.


Damage from Fire-type moves is multiplied by 1.3, burn (BRN) status inflicts extra 1 HP damage and extra -1 ATK to the target. Vulcan Ash until changed.

Saraibre Ryu
[Cayci] Galvantula
44% | 23%

Velocity, your Pokemon, please, then Sabi will post her moves.

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