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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Hehe. Who'se King-Max's Onix, the Onix Dredd revived-and who'se Rocko-Yellow's Onix? They're both Shadow Onix, so theoretically they're indistinguishable. Having Yellow purify King and ally it to her side, unintentionally letting Dredd have Rocko would be...Slightly interesting. :P Just throwing it out there.)

(On another note, as Markus and Lee are very separate...How'd he get the File if it was on Markus?)

Markus Novolos
Leo the Onix, Girius, Natasha, Unreality, M, Beta, Bloodwraith(?), Belt (Deceased)

*Having seen the events and seeing Yellow foolishly bury herself. Markus almost mentally screamed why the f*** this kept happening-besides, according to Damian, another Shadow Onix was revived as well.* Yellow, if you're already dead...Ahhgh! *Pulling out the new Onix, who comes out still terrifed of the previous crisis, but once realizing there is no longer any apparent threat, resumes a much calmer look.*

*Yelling at the Onix from the high perch where he was* HEY! You, you, Leo! *The Onix looks down, assuming he's this 'Leo' figure* Dig in the ground over there! There's a girl stuck under there! Please!

*The Onix's obedience is barely existing, but it exists nevertheless. The badge works its magic, and the Onix understands its new name as Leo and complies at once, despite no particular opinion of his new master-yet. Leo proceeds to tunnel into the earth where the poor girl was trapped, sluggishly (in contrast to his previous performance, clearly being the fastest Onix of those present, if not the toughest). Markus thought it was simple carefulness-he didn't want Yellow hurt-and let his intentional lethargy pass-for now. As he runs over to where Yellow was last seen, he puts his hand on his belt, on the far edges, where Belt and Girius were, and noticed the former's PokeBall as hopelessly crushed. He looked downward to make sure, and sure enough, Belt's PokeBall had a rock stuck through it. The Pokemon's existence within the ball was no further, a safety precaution invented with the first PokeBalls and kept as standard to advert the creation of overpowered genetic monstrosities tortured by their very existence out of a Pokemon.*

*Before his 'Tyrant training' (which was infinitely more likely to be a fabricated memory by either the Unown or Dredd), he would have probably just screamed and cried from justified rage, sorrow, and self-hatred, and probably his already horrendous parody of a journey (and not a parody in the sense that he liked it) would have been worse for him knowing that, again, he let a Pokemon die. Now his absolute horror and wrath is contained inwardly-mostly. His suddenly rigid posture and sudden redness in the face still exist for all to notice external signs of anguish. Tyrants are calm, cool and collected, he reminded himself, to not lose control for the loss of a partner during a fight but to bemoan him later so you do not join him. However, not being in a fight, he still bemoaned for Belt, deep inside. Very badly. He slowly took Belt's ruined PokeBall and put that in the place where he kept other important things. RIP, Belt.*
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