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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Fighting over Lee



The Onix appearing seem to be the perfect chance for Lee to get away. Onix had dug there way up all over the farm. Yellow paused for a moment her heart sunk as she could feel something.
"Spin, Rockos in there! That means...The shadow guys is here.."

Spin looked back at Lee, he had taken off running. She decided at that point she was going to focus on Yellow and the team. Lee could only serve to drive them further and further apart.

Yellow took off running into the mix of the Onix. She called out
"Rocko ! Rocko !" with the massive Onix appeared further down the field. Yellow knew she was looking the King of the Onix. Its dark icy glare made her hand shakes. In the distance the Shadow figured appeared. He was back and this time with a pack of Onix. The idea terrified her. As the Onix descended back into the dirk the earth began to tremble. Yellow had not thought far enough ahead and caught herself mixed up in the earthquakes. The dirt being dug up fell all over the place. As the dust began to settle Spin screamed out.
"Yellow ! "

The poor little girl had been buried in the dirt...The team would have to move fast !

Lee had failed to slow down. Stopping only when the Onix disappeared into the ground. The last bit of sound would be Spins voice calling out in pain...Something was wrong with Yellow..Lee stomach dropped. In this moment he would be choosing to help himself or help someone else. As he turned to continue forward he knew whatever kind of person he was before was no longer who he was. As Lee left Yellow to her grim fate he moved faster. A mile up the road he finally slowed down. The noise all but gone. Only the sound of Miltank now filled the air.

Lee slowed down to take a breath. The break only lasted a few moments as a woman appeared.

"What are the odds of another nasty miltank thief appearing on our ranch."

Lee paused seeing only the girl at first.

"Pa, get over here. I think I found something.."

Lee sighed as the man appeared

"Whatra the odd of dis, the man who almost destroyed my farm, the man maybe responsible for those ground shakes we dun felt !"
The farmer lifts up his gen. The daughter also takes out a gun.

"Now, boy Id be real careful with your next move..cause this time you aint gettin away!"

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