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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Dalton Amaro
Half Vampire
Vampire Hunter
Central London (Beginning), Los Angeles (End)
Affected RPers: Anypne in LA who wants to find him

Dalton stood by the corner of the building, looking at his phone, rapidly tapping the screen. To a passer by he was sending a text message. What they didn't know was that the camera app was open, and he was looking at the church across the road on his screen. Inside the church was a member of his father's old gang, The Blood Angels. Five year's ago the gang split up, and were in different countries. So far he had only been able to track one. Daniel, Stefan's supposed best friend.

After a few minutes, Dalton saw a man walk out of the church. The sudden smell of blood that hit Dalton confirmed his suspicions. This man smelt more like blood that the average human. This man was a vampire.

Dalton pocketed the phone, and put his left hand in the right side of his jacket, grabbing his Suppressed S&W .500 Magnum, keeping it hidden. If Daniel wasn't willing to talk, he might need some convincing.

The vampire turned onto a quieter street, and Dalton waited a few minutes before going onto the street. The less people around, the harder it is to follow someone. Keeping his distance, Dalton followed the vampire into an alley.

As Dalton walked into an alley, he stopped. Nobody was there. It was a trap. He moved his right hand into the sleeve of his left arm, and held onto the hilt of his knife.

"You smell different." said a voice from behind him. Dalton froze.
"See vampires smell like blood. A lot of it. So do humans, but not as much. But not you." said the voice, "I could barely smell the blood on you. As if you have cleaned yourself excessively. You know who do that? Vampire hunters..."

Dalton pulled the knife out of the sheath sewed to the inside of his sleeve, and slashed at where the mans neck should be. The man quickly grabbed Dalton's wrist, and held it in place. His strength and speed exceeded Dalton's. Dalton had no doubt in his mind now. This man is definitely a vampire.

"Are you Daniel of the Blood Angels?" Dalton asked.
"Who is asking?" Daniel replied, slightly loosening his grip on Dalton's wrist.
"The son of Mary and Stefan. They were killed by members of the Bloody Angels, who didn't approve of Stefan being with a human." Dalton replied. "I want names and locations of the vampire's who killed my parents."
Daniel seemed confused, then smirked.
"That's what you think? You really don't know?" Daniel laughed.
"Don't know what? Look, are you going to tell me, or will I have to force the answers out of you?" Dalton yelled.
"The gang has separated, but I am still loyal. I know who was involved with your parent's death. I was part of the group. But I won't tell you anything else."

Dalton lit a flame on his palm, then wrapped his arm around Daniels. Daniel yelled in pain as he let go of Dalton, who kicked forward. Daniel disappeared from in front of Dalton, causing the kick to miss, and Dalton to lose his balance. Daniel reappeared behind him and kicked him to the ground.

"Damn he's fast." Dalton thought to himself, as Daniel reappeared in front of him. Dalton got up, and crouched, holding his knee where Daniel kicked him.

"Shame. Your father was weak. Though even he was stronger than you." Daniel laughed.

When Daniel was distracted, Dalton jumped up, and spear-tackled Daniel. Before Daniel could get up, Dalton pulled out his revolver and shot him in the shin. Daniel screamed in pain at the wound, which viciously bled.

"Are you going to tell me what I want to know?" Dalton asked Daniel.

"Go to hell!" Daniel yelled clutching his leg.

Dalton aimed the gun at the other leg and shot in the same place. He walked over to Daniel, and picking him up by the collar, pushed and held him against the wall.

"I have another 30 rounds in my jacket, and will be here all night if I have to." Dalton said, as blood poured on the ground around them from the wounds. "Tell me what I want to know."

"Edward. USA. He was the only person from the Blood Angels I knew involved in your parents murder." Daniel said softly, crying from the pain of the gunshots. Dalton put the gun away, and let go of Daniel, causing him to fall to the ground.

"I will find him and the rest of them and kill you all. If you lied to me, I will find you again, and we will do the same thing." Dalton said as he walked away. After a few seconds he heard a scream. He turned around and saw Daniel hobbling towards him. Daniel jumped, and attempted to grab Dalton, but was stopped by a gunshot to the head.

"Rot in hell, scum." Dalton said at the corpse on the ground, as he left the alley.

Three days later, Dalton walked out of LAX Airport, looking for a tattoo parlour to get another line on his wrist. One line for each vampire. After that, the hunt will continue...

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