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Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Welcome back, Cobalt.

First off, I notice one glaring problem: You fail to mention what Dalton's weaknesses as a half-vampire are, minus the fact that most of his abilities don't work in the sun...but how sensitive to the sun is he? I've seen several different kinds of vampire--some can't go into sunlight at all, some need certain items to go into sunlight, others can endure sunlight, but it weakens them or they can easily get wicked sunburn, some aren't bothered by it at all. And how "fragile" is he? Is he more or less susceptible to death than the normal human? And as someone who has a half-vamp character myself (not here, though she was in another RP some time ago) you might want to think about how his mother got him blood before he learned he was a half-vamp for your story. You also might want to think about how you're going to bring him into the RP group...though that goes for everyone. Otherwise he looks fine.

As for everyone else; please, if you're still in, let me know or just go ahead and post. I was in Hawaii for a week and am disappointed to come back to find the no one has posted since Doodle... So let me know if you're still going to RP or not or post.
Okay so the effects Sunlight has on Dalton:
During the day he feels tired like a normal working class person late at night. He is mostly nocturnal, but can manipulate his sleep patten over the course of a few days. However he will never be as energetic during the day as a full human, but will be much more energetic at night. His eyes are adjusted for the darkness of night, and therefore is sensitive to too much light and prefer's to stay in the shade. His skin burns easily, but sunlight won't kill him unless he gets skin cancer from too much burning.

As for the blood thing you mentioned with his mother, he always had the vampire blood in him. However this didn't kick in until puberty. He wasn't require to drink blood to get his powers.

As for death susceptibility, Dalton will heal small wounds faster than a human, but can still be killed by a bad stab wound or a gunshot somewhere fatal.

Working on post now. I was never notified of your acceptance XD.

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