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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Markus Novolos

*Hearing Scar's explanation. Immediately his mood gets much better-he was expecting far worse.*...Is THAT it? That was going to happen anyway, eventually, Sabs promised that much-saving lives and souls and getting that early? That is actually kind of awesome-however awesome seeing horrifying memories of the past actually is. I'm doing it, Scar-as much as possible, too. Save every last one of them...If we can, anyways. This place isn't exactly friendly in any sense of the word...

*Still kind of tense, but ready for hell*...OK, here goes.


(So you're trusting the phobia-ridden Gold to NOT kill some of his biggest fears?! Sorry! I'm guessing you'll have the switch fail?)

Vincent "Gold" Wynauss
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*Entering the room, and seeing the switch that says, plainly and obviously, that it would remove all souls from the body* THANK YOU ARCEUS!!

*Hearing what Max has to say before he faints*...Ah, come on! *Fearing the Spirit due to sheer phobic instinct and considering her a mute point, until he considers the look on Max's face. However, afraid of obliterating the soul and facing Max's wrath equally so. He looks directly at the Articuno, wishing he could capture it a little, but mostly worried about Dredd, Char, and Articuno's souls.*

*Morpheus, hearing what Max had to say. Disgusted by what he perceives as Max's desperate attempt to have a love life, despite his obvious failing at being able to maintain one-risking the entire world in the process. What is more selfish in the entire world? Being a Ditto, which can breed with anything, his mindset says the breeding is for the benefit of the species-letting loose what is, in theory, a demon, in a Legends body-a Legend being one of the things he worships-that would obliterate humanity and enslave Pokemon? REALLY? Max considered THAT a worthwhile trade-off? He emphasizes with Markus greatly-Dredd is NOT an excuse, that behavior is deplorable. He spits on Max before dragging Gold towards the switch, intending to end it-somewhat reluctantly, due to the soul of the Legend being at risk, but considering everything else, still doing it.*

*Being Dragged over by Morpheus to the switch, and deciding it was for the best as well, puts his hand on it, and pulls down, desperate for a solution and finding one, hoping it didn't fail, and hoping Char understood why he did it.*
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