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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Latio, the way this will work is you should make a list of worst memories, one by one we can go through them..unlocking the souls. I know you want to lose one and we can do that in the last one.. the first you unlock will become a real trainer ! I have asked a friend to join. So please before we head remember we need a couple to unlocking all the ghosts.)

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(Left Behind)

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The warm breeze moves around the Mansion, the warm air carrying embers with it. As they touch Marcus's ghost body they burn up. I dark reminder that this isnt the place Markus wants to go. Scar stands still looking up.
"This is Giratina's Dimension...if you want those souls your going to have to earn them by experiencing your worst fears. Each one we go through should unlock a new soul but your going to have to dig down deep to unlock a new memory.."

On the other end. Char has found herself in a dark cave somewhere in between reality and fear. She tires to block out what she is hearing and move forward.

*Look deep into your soul does she act around has she always acted around you. She wont even look at you...*

Char keeps walking, she didnt want to except what she was hearing. As she walked further into the cave she finally saw a room. Walking into the room she saw Articuno floating in the middle. Locked in dark energy.

She walked up to the bird feeling fear overwhelm her.

*Yes that would Articuno...which means you are inside of Articuno's soul. Its really an attribute to your vital spirit Char that you made it this far..but this little game must end now. *

The dark energy starts to form as it lumbs together something new and dark is formed. One the cloud is finished Char falls back as a blast of cloud air shoots out. She gets up to find

*This is perfect! We have formed a bond with Articuno. We are Articuno and its rage ! Char its only a shame that your soul must be lost here frozen forever*

As the wind picks up Char tries to escape the cold air slowing her down. The cave starts to fill with cold freezing air. Char falls to the ground for a moment feeling helpless. She feels a hand reach out for her and she looks up. Through the haze of snow storm she see Max.
"Get up Char! Get up." Max lifts her to her feet and starts to pull her through the cave. They reach the room with the frozen pokemon.

"This is not just his soul in have some control of this." Max smiles as a little hammer appears in Chars hand.
"The only way out is to must fight him or you will be lost.."

Meanwhile Gold rushes down the hall trying to find the room that Articuno is in. He follows a cold breeze and the big tubing to Articuno chamber. As he steps into the cave he feels a loss of the breath. The glowing blue light of the Articuno is wonderful. He quickly notices Max on the ground he rushes over to check on him. Gold shakes Max a little to see if it will get him up. Max speaks but his words are faint.
"Dont mess with the soul transfer Char is in there with kill her too.." Max passes back out. Immediately after the temp is room starts to drop. Gold notices a some kind of switch that could end this whole thing. Before he can make up his mind the door in the room slams shut, the frigid air courses through his body. If he is going to try something he needs to do it now before he passes out.

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