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Default Re: [WAR XI WINNER] Guardian Units of Nations (Now a Sonic Group - Please Join!)

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
So, I decided to pick up Sonic Adventure DX again and go to Casinoland. I played my favorite pinball game, the NiGHTS into Dreams one. I discovered one part where NiGHTS takes you through a city night sky. It. Was. Gorgeous. I have never have gotten that until now. Oh, and apparently I'm a pro at it now. =/
That's the pinball stage where I got the most rings. I didn't know what NiGHTS was so I was overcome by a very weird feeling playing through that stage... I tried the new NiGHTS game for the Wii but quit. It was too hard for me and the voice acting made me want to die xD
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