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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Side Pokemon;

Red looked over
"Confined, Koga was part of Team Rocket Meghan, He.."

"Let me stop you there." Erika said in a serious tone.
"We have no reason to believe Master Koga is part of anything. You are going to need to get us proof. Also Master Koga hasnt been spotted in Fusia in weeks. His daughter took his place at the gym while he is on hiatus. As far as those creatures go there relationship to Team Rocket is speculation. We need proof..If you can get proof on Kogas activities, where these shadow creatures are coming from we can move to send the Kanto National Guard."

Erika pauses.
"Can spend the night here but youll have to leave in the morning. You can go now. Two pretty ladies open the door."

Red stands up
"Before we leave the girls are looking for Gym Battles.."

Erika expression remains the same.
" Gym battles...Uhh yeah. Please check out the gym before you go. There is a temporary leader while I am doing this."

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