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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Dude, Absol? That's awesome! :D Too bad they don't have a lot of good offensive moves in Sapphire... but still! Good luck! :D

Marriem-Webbster dictionary defines "escapade" as "An act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure." The whole Nuzlocke, then, is the escapade--an adventure through Crystal :)

Trades? What fun is that? xD

Still, getting an Ice-type would probably be handy for the Champion... :o IDK, Ice or Dragon, me thinks ^^

There aren't any Ice types up until the Great Chasm, so that's kinda bad. Also, I didn't find an Axew in Mistralon-Howeveryouspellit Cave, but an Aron. So, my only chance at getting a Dragon type would maybe be Victory Road f I didn't encounter a Golurk first. *Sigh* So many choices, so little time...

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