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Default Re: Neku Sakuraba vs. 3m0d0ll

Reisen the Venonat [F]
Ability: Compound Eyes
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 100% | Eng: 56%
Status: ACC +1

Psychic/Sleep Powder~Morning Sun/Zen Headbutt

Conkeldurr [M]
Ability: Guts
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 62%% | Eng: 63%
Status: ATK +1, DEF +1, Focus Energy
'Just another day on the proverbial windshield for you.'

Double Team~Stone Edge

[Conkelduur and Venonat had the same base speed, so rolled from 1-100 to see who went first: 1-50, Reisen. 51-100, Conkelduur. Result: 58, Conkelduur goes first.]

Conkeldurr wanted to scare his opponent. He had switched out before but now the bug had no where to hide. He figured his menacing stature was good enough, and laughed at the thought of multiples of him frightening the living daylights out of Reisen. Acting on that thought, his mass of muscles soon became blurry, and before the Venonat's eyes appeared two more Conkeldurrs. They all smiled, flexing their fingers over their twin pillars of concrete as Reisen shivered just a bit. Then it grew into a lot. One giant rock lugging, clown nosed menace was enough to deal with, now she didn't know which one was the real one.

Conkeldurr - 6 Energy. Two Clones created.

Alert Roll: 32

Reisen darted her eyes from left to right. All of the Conkeldurr took their time in mocking her. It was like a reenacment of IT, only there was more than one clown, and they all had been to the gym. Reisen had to do something, something to save herself from this nightmare. That's when she thought of the one thing that could potentially save her, and that would be sleep itself. She rustled her fur, already a mess from trebmling in fear, and a hazy green cloud appeared around her body. The haze grew until it seemed to stop in midair, and then explode outwards towards one of the Conkeldurr bodies. They all laughed as the spores hit them, but only for a moment. Soon one of them began to feel a bit light headed, leaning forward and losing grip of one of his concrete pillars. His laughter was spaced out, and soon, he fell flat on his face, snoring the moment away. Unfortunately the passing maid had heard this tremendous thud against her floor, and she threw the nearest kitchen knife at Reisen.

Reisen used Sleep Powder! Reisen -4 Energy, Conkeldurr SLP

Alert Roll: 98, Reisen -5 HP

Conkeldurr didn't move, he laid on the ground, flattening his bulbous nose as he dreamed of the great many windshields he was smashing Reisen against. Actually he was smashing the windshields as well, along with the cars, and the cars smashed against each other as they veered out of control. Carnage. Quite literally, carnage. However due to his loud snoring, the maid returned once again, this time with a new kitchen knife, throwing it right into the rear of the large muscular pillow. It remained in his left hindquarter before falling out, completely unphasing him.

Conkeldurr is asleep!

Alert roll: 85, Conkeldurr -5 HP

Reisen breathed a huge sigh of relief, maybe she could catch up, possibly take out this monster while he was asleep. Reisen looked back into her mind, bringing forth the mental prowess her bug ancestors secretly had in their genomes. Her tiny feet rushed forward, forehead glowing purple as a small, helmet of psychic power developed just before her forehead. She jumped, landing right in the left shoulder of the Conkeldurr. She jumped back quickly, hoping that she didn't wake the thing up. To her luck she didn't, and even the maid seemed unaware of her noise.

Reisen used Zen Headbutt! Reisen -18 Energy, Conkeldurr -5HP

Alert Roll: 31

Reisen the Venonat [F]
Ability: Compound Eyes
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 95% | Eng: 34%
Status: ACC +1
'Breathe, just BREATHE...'

Conkeldurr [M]
Ability: Guts
Signature Move: N/A
HP: 52%% | Eng: 57%
Status: ATK +1, DEF +1, Focus Energy, SLP 1 Action

Sleep Powder:
Roll 1-3 for Double Team. Result was 1.
Accuracy rolled a 79 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.

Zen Headbutt:
Accuracy rolled a 15 where rolling more than 120 resulted in this action missing the target.
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 9. No effect.

I hope I did that right. I wrote this while dying. @_@

3m0d0ll your moves please.
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