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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(I'm just showing off the Shadow'd Tsunami, but Cookie for whoever gets the reference.)

Vincent "Gold" Wynauss
Tsunami (Shadow), Ninjuitsu, Beta, Boxie, Cobra, Roseblade

*Running, madly, to Articuno's location-hoping, desperately, to find some switch that plainly said 'eradicate soul.' *

<*Thinking* This?! This has gone on for far too long-just finally removing the threat from all existance sounds nice, and considering this place has devices for sucking up souls certainly there was something that could destroy them as well, right? Oh, Please Arceus, may it be right! I can defy destiny if I'm right! I really want to defy destiny!>

<*Stopping to think harder* Then again, there was that other one...>

*Suddenly being grabbed by a Markus-lookalike. Too serious to be DM and too calm to be the real Markus, this had to be Morpheus transformed into Markus-or Dark Markus. Regardless, he has an easy time of pulling Gold back into running*

Hey, Morpheus! I just thought of something!

<*Telepathing using the copied (if weakened) powers of DM* What? *Reading the surface thoughts*>

*Talking to Morpheus-while Running with him-unaware of his mind reading* You know when Tsunami went all blank? If that was Dredd, what was he doing to it?

<*Somewhat annoyed* This concerns us how?>

*Trying to explain* Well, what if Tsunami just manages to pop out of it's ball and-*Gold Trips, unleashing two of Markus'es Pokemon-Coincidentally, Tsunami and Ninjuitsu.*

*No longer under the guise of an illusion, it's blatant that Tsunami has drastically changed, physically and mentally. Skin tone taking a much more dark hue aside, his whole body was larger, his shell was menaced with spikes of shell, half-foot knives made up some of his teeth, his claws looked capable of ripping through steel, and most noticeable, there were now two cannons jutting out of the shell's two openings, each (four cannons total)-though the second one was much smaller in comparison. Ninjuitsu, still a regular Scyther, was shocked at his partner's drastic changes, and narrowly avoids a Crunch attack by the now uncontrolled Tsunami.*

*Looking at Morpheus, both having the same shocked expression, before Morpheus snaps out of it and returns Tsunami to his PokeBall before further damage could be caused. A very confused Ninjuitsu remained, only aware that Morpheus was the guy that returned Tsunami and not actually Markus*

...OK, that aside, let's go! *Resuming running, Ninjuitsu the Scyther following, still horribly confused.*


Markus Novolos

Scar, we're all worthless to the world-all equal, all as lesser than dirt. One soul, no matter how much it changes, good or bad, is equal in worth to the soul who did absolutely nothing. I don't care, Scar, I'd rather lose myself than others...*reminding Scar who he is and where his moral compass points* Though, I'd rather lose less lives than risk more...Tell me how, and don't think I won't do it.

*Seeing his old house, a glorious mansion, exactly as it was five years ago-which is pretty much the same as it was in the present day. He understands that whatever in there isn't going to be anything he wants to see-at least, that's what Sabs said. Whether or not it would be true will be put to the test, here and now.*

...Well, Scar? *Focusing on freeing the other souls* What do I have to do?
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