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Default Re: Charging minors in child pornography cases.

To be honest, this is a hard thing to get an opinion on because it is a touchy subject. In my eye's child pornography is child pornography. Whether it is sent to or from a minor it is still child pornography and is still illegal. Even if the person in the picture thinks they are only sending it to one person, the moment they press send, they are relinquishing all control of it. I have been on facebook long enough to know that. Honestly I think the person who took the photo, and each person who shared it should be charged.

Eg if someone is in the shower, and their friend sneaks in and takes a pic, then sends it to a person who puts it on facebook, and then four people share it, then I think the friend who took the picture, the person who put it on Facebook and the four people who shared it who should get charged, but not the person in the picture.

This is just my personal opinion. Child pornography is becoming too common on facebook, when it shouldn't be there at all.

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