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Default Re: What do YOU look like? :O


I got a haircut. The heavy metal guitarist haircut is gone, and the classy acoustic guitarist haircut is in. Jks ha ha I still love playing heavier stuff, but yeah I got a hair cut for a number of reasons:
  • My school were saying that I had to tie it up since the uniform code says that hair below the collar must be tied (Bloody Private Schools and their uniforms)
  • I couldn't eat without accidentally eating hair.
  • I have been walking home, but the wind blew it in my face, blinding me.
  • It has caused my skin to be in bad condition.
  • Washing and drying it took forever
  • Whenever I was in a car and someone opened the window, my hair would go everywhere
  • If I didn't dry it before going to sleep I would wake up with an afro
  • My school blazer was covered in hair. I moulted more than my cat.
  • As much as I hate this fact, looks influence most relationships, whether people like it or not. How is a girl supposed to take me seriously if I look like a hobo?
  • Random people were bagging me for it. Eg some guy in a pub said "Get a haircut you hippie", and more than once I have had people drive past me and stick up their middle finger. I have a hunch that it is because they didn't like my hair.

And yes I was posing, as I haven't got any photos of me with short hair for display pics on Instagram, skype etc. I promise to never pose again.

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