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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru looked at Kiseki with a concerned expression even after he had responded to him so cheerfully, but now that he had sensed his brother catching on, Kiseki didn’t let his smile falter. However, it was still obvious because his eyes didn’t reflect the cheerfulness that should have been from the smile.

Ichiru gave him a look that seemed to say “You’re not fooling anyone.”, and Kiseki averted his gaze stubbornly. Before he could sink back into his thoughts, Caroline stood in front of him and lightly wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Let's go home and relax. We all need to change out of our wet clothes." Kiseki gave a nod as the girls’ attention shifted toward the lake. Kiseki followed their gazes, watching the shimmering water for a few moments before looking back to Caroline. He smiled at the blonde - a real one this time - as he finally gave his response.

“Yeah. Let’s go home.” His attention shifted to Ichiru, whose expression was still clouded with worry, and smirked at him. “I’ll race you there.”

Ichiru couldn’t help but smile at his brother’s attempt to lighten the mood, but it turned into a smirk of his own as he responded.

“You’re on.”

"Why are you guys wet?"

Upon returning, the group was greeted by Damon at the front door, which interrupted the twins’ argument over who had won the race. The two of them fell silent and shifted their attention to the older Vampire, but Caroline was the one to respond.

"Long story." She sighed, then taking Kiseki's hand and guiding him upstairs.

"Is she okay?" Damon whispered to Ichiru and Ashley as Caroline and Kiseki disappeared upstairs.

"She will be." Ashley responded with a nod before both her and Ichiru’s attention shifted to the toddlers now walking down the stairs.

"Can we have breakfast?" Scarlet asked.

"Can you make us eggs?" Abigail added.

"And bacon?"

"And toast and orange juice?"

Ichiru couldn’t help but chuckle at the two toddlers along with Damon and Ashley as they made their way over to the trio. It was easy to see that they were so tired they could hardly keep their eyes open - which was probably a good thing, since this meant that they hadn’t noticed that their parents were soaked from the lake.

"You two are really hungry this morning." Ashley laughed, then looking over to Damon. "Can you start their breakfast while I go change my clothes real quick?"

"No problem." Damon responded with a smile and took the children by their hands to guide them toward the kitchen. Ichiru silently followed Ashley upstairs to change his own clothes, although when they passed Caroline’s and Kiseki’s bedroom on their way to their own, he couldn’t keep from feeling uneasy again.

Back in Caroline's and Kiseki's, the blonde led the dark haired Vampire into their bathroom and locked the door behind them. His concerns had begun to return after they had arrived home, but when Caroline connected her lips with his own in a gentle kiss, they all began to grow foggy. Kiseki became absorbed into it so quickly that he didn’t even notice Caroline had cut the shower on until she broke the kiss and the sound of the water running reached his ears.

"I'm sorry I scared you." She whispered as the two of them locked eyes. Before Kiseki could respond, he felt her hands slip beneath his shirt and push it over his head. The wet fabric fell to the floor behind him as Caroline spoke again. "Let me make it up to you."

Kiseki opened his mouth to respond, but stopped as his face turned bright red when the blonde removed her own shirt, exposing her bare chest. Before he could begin stuttering or stumbling over himself as it seemed natural for him to do, Caroline connected her lips with his once more in a more passionate kiss. Kiseki didn’t resist at all, quickly melting into it as Caroline rid the two of them of the rest of their clothes before leading him toward the shower.

The hot water instantly warmed his icy skin as Caroline wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer to her, preventing any space between them at all. He felt Caroline begin to lightly kiss the side of his neck, and his face began to change, his fangs completely piercing his gums already by the time she gently sank her own into his neck. All anxieties that he might have felt before were completely wiped away as he fell into the daze of desire.

"I'm bloody tired." Some time later, Kiseki and Caroline returned downstairs to see that Ichiru, Ashley and Damon as well as the toddlers, Kotomi, Kol and Kevin were sitting at the table.

"Go back to bed." Caroline chuckled as she sat down on the other side of Kevin.

"But I smell food." Kol responded.

"Then stop complaining about being tired." Kotomi laughed as she nudged the Original playfully. After grabbing and buttering a piece of toast and taking a bite of it, Kol rested his head on Kotomi’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

"I'll just eat while sleeping."

"You're ridiculous." Kotomi sighed as she shook her head, and Kiseki finally sat down on the other side of Caroline quietly.

"We thought of a way that Caroline could take the darkness in your aura without having her go into a depression." Ashley spoke to Kotomi. "Well we don't actually know if it will work, but it's worth a try."

"What's the plan?" Kotomi asked, as Kol opened his eyes and lifted his head from her shoulder.

"Everyone here knows I'm half Angel because of my birth mother Meredith, who was an Angel before turning into a Vampire. My aura has special healing abilities along with other abilities, so what if when Caroline absorbs the darkness in your aura then I heal her? I can heal her with my Angel's aura, which should take her darkness away." Ashley explained.

"I think that's a very good idea." Kevin said with a nod of agreement.

"But will you feel any effects from the darkness though?" Damon asked as Isobel joined the table. The twins glanced around for Aiden, but for once he hadn’t gotten up with Kotomi.

"We're not sure, but it's worth a shot." Ashley responded.

"There isn't any darkness in my aura right now, but once it starts to show up then we'll give your idea a shot." Kotomi said with a nod, then looking at Caroline. "How are you feeling? I don't see any darkness at all in your aura."

"I feel better now." Caroline nodded with a smile. "I think mine and Kiseki's shower helped a lot."

Kiseki’s face instantly turned completely red at the blonde’s words, and Ichiru couldn’t help laughing along with the rest of the group.

"I umm... I have to start going." Kevin announced, and the laughter died down as he rose to his feet. "I'll see you guys later."

"I need to go talk to him." After a few moments of silence, Caroline spoke again as she stood up as well.

"Do you want anyone to come with you?" Kol asked. "My brother can be a bit thick-headed."

"No, it's okay. This is something I need to do on my own." Caroline responded before leaving the house, and Kiseki’s gaze fell to the floor as his blush died down. He knew exactly why Kevin had left as well. Even though he and Caroline had been together for twenty years now and even gotten married, Kevil was still in love with Caroline. Kiseki felt terrible for him, just as he had for Damon when he had been in love with Ashley, but he also loved Caroline too much to even think about losing her to someone else.

After several minutes of silence, the dark haired teen rose to his feet just as Aiden stumbled down the stairs sleepily while mumbling something under his breath.

“I’m gonna get some air.” He announced as the red haired teen walked into the kitchen with everyone, confused with the tense atmosphere.

“Every time someone says that lately, something goes wrong.” Ichiru joked as he looked at his brother. Kiseki managed a smile in response, but didn’t say anything or stop heading for the door. The fact that he hadn’t tried to reassure his brother was startling. Aiden took a seat between Kotomi and Ichiru after the younger twin had left the house, looking around at everyone in question.

“…I have a feeling I missed something big.”

Kiseki walked aimlessly after leaving the house. He didn’t know where to go or where he wanted to go, he just wanted to walk. In the back of his mind he wanted to find Caroline and accompany her, but he knew that wouldn’t help the situation since it was partially his fault that Kevin had gotten upset. But then again, he couldn’t really help it… like he had thought just moments before, he felt bad but he couldn’t part with Caroline.

"Kiseki wouldn't hate me. He couldn‘t."

Caroline’s voice made Kiseki looked up sharply and stop in his tracks. He hadn’t realized he had wandered into the forest, and coincidentally had ended up near where the blonde was. He crept over to a nearby tree and peered around, seeing Caroline and Kevin standing a few feet away. When he registered Caroline’s words and saw Kevin standing there, he couldn’t help but think that Kevin was trying to convince her to leave him at first, but when he spoke shortly after that theory was proven wrong.

"What are you talking about?" His confusion was clear in his voice, so Kiseki knew he wasn’t acting. However, Caroline’s response was completely unexpected.

"Shut up James!" She shouted at him in rage, bending down to grab a nearby branch and lunging forward. Kiseki had to stop himself from yelling or leaping out of his hiding place when the branch pierced the Original’s heart, remembering that such a thing didn’t have the same effect as it did with normal Vampires.

Caroline seemed to realize what she had done, and her eyes widened in shock.

"K-Kevin?" The blonde knelt quickly pulled the branch out of the motionless body that had fallen to the ground and threw it to the side, and Kevin’s grey skin returned to normal as he gasped for air.

"Thank god Originals can't die from a normal wooden stake." Kevin sighed in relief and Caroline dropped to her knees beside him as he asked the question currently going through Kiseki’s mind. "What on earth is going on?"

"There's something I need to tell you... something you have to keep a secret." Caroline’s response sent a feeling of dread through Kiseki, but he didn’t move, instead slipping deeper into the foliage surrounding them so as not to be seen. Obviously after what had just happened, something was wrong - something Caroline had been keeping from even him. That realization hurt him, but at least now he would know.
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