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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
My current team consists of Basculin, Starmie, Banette, Pelliper, Frillish and Wailmer, but I'm hoping to replace the latter two with my Route 23 and Victory Road encounters.

EDIT: Wiped /again/ to Ghetsis. His Drapion outsped everything and killed my Basculin with a critical Night Slash and then slaughtered everything else. Ugh.

All I have left is a Dewott, Wailmer and Frillish, all in their 30s, and three encounters left in the entire run (Route 23, Victory Road and Abundant Shrine). Gulp.
D: That's aweful! '~' That'll take. So. Much. Grinding... Dx

(Um... also... There's an update for Crystal Clear if anyone's interested ^^')

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